For some couples, the old school vows you recite during a wedding ceremony are perfect. Classic, to the point, and recognizable to all. They’re like a universal promise, and do the trick just fine! 

For others, a more personal touch is desired, and it can really add a lot of emotion and sentiment to your wedding ceremony. 

You’ve decided to write your own vows, but now…. You have to write them! Writing vows can be tough and nerve-wracking. It feels like a lot of pressure to find the words to truly express your love for your significant other. No worries! It can be done! Let’s take a look at how to go about it. 

Take Your Time

There’s no rule that says wedding vows need to be written out completely in one sitting. You have time! You should be writing multiple drafts until you’re comfortable and confident with the outcome. In fact, set aside some time for journaling about ideas you want to include in your vows, or start a note on your phone that you can jot thoughts into as they pop up. There’s a lot of love to express from that brain, so don’t expect yourself to remember everything at the moment you sit down to write! 

Make Sure to Include Actual Vows 

Many couples tend to reminisce stories of how they met, what made them fall in love, etc. Those are GREAT! But remember, the point of vows is to recite your promises to one another. They’re a commitment you’re making, so be sure to include exactly how you plan to honor the marriage. Don’t promise perfection, but focus on attainable things you can bring to the table; like how you vow to always try your very best, even on tough days. 

Get Cheesy with it

For many, expressing emotion publically isn’t usually their deal, which makes reciting vows in front of a crowd of people very difficult. This is your wedding day, and it’s important to remember not to care what ANYONE thinks of what you say. Be as cheesy as your favorite rom-com if you want to. You don’t get this moment back, so let your emotions fly proudly! 

Get Personal 

Your story is unique, so while you should focus on promises, you can still include personal stories about your love, and specific examples of what you love about your significant other drawn from your experience with them. Was it love at first sight? Was it a chase that was worth it in the end? The uniqueness of your love story is what makes it beautiful, so include some of those precious details! 

Be Silly

Wedding vows don’t have to be ALL serious. Yes, they’re a very important set of promises, but make sure you include some of the personality that exists in your relationship. If you always enjoy making your spouse laugh or smile, try and bring a bit of that into your vows. Perhaps vow to never stop trying to make them smile. It’s a happy day, so laughs are encouraged! 

Ask For Help

Of course, no one is going to be able to put your own thoughts and emotions into words FOR you, but they can always lend a helpful ear. Recruit a sister, maid of honor, or someone you trust to listen to your vows while you recite them. Hearing them aloud vs. reading them from paper can be very different, and they may be able to point something out that you didn’t notice before. It’ll give you practice and allow you to see where the best places to put pauses in are too!