You’ll see mentions of Pinterest everywhere you turn (on the internet, at least) when it comes to planning your wedding. Pinspiration is REAL! It’s a completely amazing tool to gather great ideas for your big day! 

With that being said, it can be a bit overwhelming. You might get sucked into a Pinterest hole where you have SO much inspiration, you forget what you really want. When you started, you wanted a rustic summer wedding, and after 3 hours and a bottle of wine, you end up debating if you want a winter destination wedding with a Hawaiin theme. 

SLOW DOWN! Pinterest is only a valid resource if you know how to go about using it properly. 

Create your wedding planning boards

So you made an account… necessary first step! Next up: board creation. 

This is a crucial step that, in our opinion, many brides drop the ball on. The natural thing to do would be to make a board titled, “Our Wedding” or “Wedding Ideas”.  Sure, you can start clicking on and saving pin after pin to that board, but have you considered how many different factors contribute to a wedding?

There’s decor, bridal dresses, hair inspiration, makeup, bridesmaids dresses…

After all that clicking, you’ll come back to your board for a recap and realize you are SO overwhelmed with how many different ideas are dumped into one central location, and you’ll log out quicker than you can say “I do.”

Multiple boards are KEY in keeping your thoughts and ideas organized. Each of those categories needs to have it’s own idea board, and that way you can take it all in one step at a time. 

Use the notes section! 

Many people overlook this when using Pinterest because they are so vigorously clicking and pinning, but there is a notes section, and you should utilize it! 

When you click to pin, a window pops up where you can organize your pin to whichever board you choose. Below that, you can enter text! So often we pin things only to look back later and forget why we did in the first place. What headspace were you in at the time? Was there something in particular in the picture that caught your eye?

Using the notes section to jot a caption down for yourself will absolutely come in handy later. You might go back to that pin later, read your note, and realize you’ve completely changed your mind! If that’s the case, perhaps that idea wasn’t meant to be, and you can delete, delete, delete. This will help you narrow down your vision! 

Pin with your wedding planning team. 

Did you know you can add collaborators to any of your boards on Pinterest?

Why does this matter for planning vintage weddings

Invite your dream team! You can add your mom, your bridesmaids, or (if you’re brave enough) even your hubby-to-be! They can see everything you pin, comment on it, and add their own pins if they find something they think you’ll LOVE! It keeps everyone communicating, and it’ll give your team a great point of reference for your overall vision.

Hopefully, these tips will keep your wedding Pinspiration in check, and make your planning process more enjoyable!