A Guide to Weekday Weddings


While Saturday has traditionally been the most popular day for weddings, there is no rule preventing you from considering the other six evenings of the week. We have seen more young couples choose a day during the week for multiple reasons.


Some venues may have deals for young couples during the week and the bride and groom may have more options when it comes to caterers.


Even though Thursday might be the new Saturday, there are still a few important things to think about before deciding if a weekday wedding is right for you.


Read on to find out what questions you should ask yourselves, what the pros and cons are, and how you can make your weekday wedding a memorable event. It’s time to start thinking about your Georgia wedding venue and what day works best for your wedding.

What to Consider About Weekday Weddings?

Before you choose a random weekday there are a few things you and your loved one should consider. You should also plan with your venue to find out which days are available first.

Is It a Destination Wedding?

We all know Georgia has amazing venues great for the destination weddings you have always dreamed of. This can be a good or bad thing.


If your guests already have a chunk of time off for the trip you have more flexibility with the days.


On the other hand, if you do not give your guests the right amount of time a weekday destination wedding can be hard to achieve.

What Days Are Best for You?

Thursday and Friday can easily be the end of the workweek and the start of a four-day weekend. Look at your schedule and what works best for you.


When you know what works best for you then you can imagine your guests and how they will handle the weekday wedding.

Is It Going to Be Kid-Friendly?

Most kids can’t take the weekdays off. So, if you have kids in your family and you absolutely want them to be there, a weekday wedding may not be the best time for your loved ones.


If you still really want your kids involved and a weekday wedding, ask their parents when summer break or spring break starts. Some parents may even decide they will pull the kiddos out of school for a special event.

Pros of Weekday Weddings

Like with anything you will find significant advantages and drawbacks of hosting a weekday wedding.

You Can Secure the Best Vendors

If you have had a dream photographer who is booked up every Saturday for the next two years, this is your chance to snag them on a different day. They may not be available on the weekend but there is a good chance they will be available on a Monday or a Tuesday.

You May Save Money

If you notice wedding vendor prices shoot up on Saturday, that’s because they do. Saturday is one of the most in-demand and popular days which means they can charge a hefty fee.


By switching to a weekday, they may not only be available, but they may be much cheaper for your event.

You can Cut Down the Guest List

When you choose to do a weekday wedding it may naturally help you cut down the guest list which will also save you money.

Cons of Weekday Weddings

There are a few downsides to throwing a weekday wedding.

Not All of Your Loved Ones Will Be Able to Come

Weekday weddings are tougher for guests to attend due to their busy schedules. If attendance is important, choose a Saturday.

It’s Harder on a Short Timeline

If you only have a few weeks to tell people about your wedding, it may be harder for them to get the time off work they need to attend a weekday wedding.


All these advantages and disadvantages are things to think about before booking your Georgia venue midweek.