One of the many reasons young couples decide to throw a wedding on the water or have a ceremony beside a lake is that it looks amazing. It’s one of the best ways to save money on decorations because it is already a stunning natural view. 


Georgia weddings are known to be beautiful, and venues with lakes are one of the best ways to create a dream wedding. While you’re planning a wedding on the water, keep these five tips in mind. 

Less Is More

Some weddings go all out with decor and flowers, but the best part of having a wedding on the water is that less is more. Lakeside weddings are perfect for couples who want an organic wedding too. 


The lake and water provide a gorgeous backdrop that doesn’t need much. You can add flowers onto the arch to frame the picture, but you don’t need to spend thousands for this image to be romantic. 


The water does half of the job for you. Instead of covering up the water, work with it, and plan around it. 

Take Advantage of The Outdoors

On top of using the lake, plan around the season too. During fall, leaves will change color, and the sun will set earlier than in the summer. This can be glorious to plan around and is something you should carefully consider. 


Summer weddings will mean bright blue skies, clear water, deep green foliage along the mountains, and more. You can use the outdoors to pick a theme around and find a color palette to match the season you get married in. 

Consider Rain 

No one wants it to rain on their wedding, but there is a catch. The rain splashing down on the lake can create amazing effects in a photo. Lakeside weddings can be one of the most magical places when it rains. 


Don’t fear the rain, but prepare for it. No one can control the wedding when it is outdoors, but it doesn’t have to ruin your special day. If you are worried about hair or dress, pick out a clear or white umbrella. 

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Coordinating all of your guests can be a headache, and not everyone will love the outdoors as much as you. Weddings on the water can look beautiful, but you also have to think about practical options. 


Hand out blankets for each guest to wrap up in or find heaters to put next to each row of chairs or benches. You can also light candles, make a fire, or serve hot cocoa to keep guests happy.


This will keep your guests warm while you still get to have the picture-perfect moment at your fall or winter wedding. 

Visit The Venue First

No one expects you to choose the first venue you come across. You should visit each venue first and get inspired by the view. Picture yourself on your big day and have an idea of how you want the space to look. 


Outside areas allow you to use your imagination and get in touch with your natural side. Fall in love with your Georgia wedding before you walk down the aisle. 


Lake weddings can be relaxed but also very luxurious. You can throw a rustic-themed outdoor wedding or a modern yet natural wedding too. The space is meant for larger weddings and the perfect destination for couples looking to throw micro-weddings. 


Outdoor Georgia weddings can be customized for each couple, which is why so many people are falling in love with weddings on the water.