Staying Stress Free On Your Wedding Day

When it comes to the day of your wedding, stress is something that is bound to come. So here are some expert tips on helping you get through your big day with the least amount of stress possible.

Stress Free Wedding: The Gown

Check on your dress to make sure all the alterations are complete. Make sure you also try on your dress, you want to confirm that it fits properly and looks exactly how you wanted it to. Also it is a good idea to take off the protective garment bag so that your dress has time to “breathe”.

Stress Free Wedding: Wedding Itinerary

Finalizing your wedding itinerary will be a lifesaver for your big day. When creating it, try to keep in mind that the schedule needs to be realistic. Make sure you include slots that are fillers and fluff. By blocking out buffer time blocks, it will  be your safety net in case anything goes wrong or you just ran out of time, etc. It is also helpful to go over each vendor on your list to confirm that time and place for your wedding with them. Once completing the itinerary, make and distribute copies for your family members and guests so everyone is on the same page.

Stress Free Wedding: Preparations

It is a good idea to drop off items for your ceremony and reception at the wedding venue the day (or a few days) before. These items could include: candles, guest sign-in book, table numbers, etc. Make sure everything you need is organized with an instruction list for your venue coordinator. It will make your and your coordinators’ life easier.

Stress Free Wedding: Your Wedding Shoes

Breaking in your wedding shoes is crucial. You may become too busy to remember so make sure to put a reminder on your phone to wear them for a few hours each day the week before the wedding. Not only will this help prevent your feet from aching the entire ceremony and reception, but it will also get you accustomed to how they feel on different surfaces. You don’t want to accidentally slip in front of everyone on your big day! 

Stress Free Wedding: Ceremony Diagram

Creating a ceremony diagram will ensure that you don’t forget a relative or friend on your special day.

Stress Free Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

Planning your rehearsal dinner is vital, this is because it allows you to spend some quality time with your friends and family while you relax before the big day. Scheduling it a day or two before your wedding is the perfect time. The rehearsal dinner is also the perfect place to allow the bridal party and immediate family members of any last minute changes or announcements you need to make.

Stress Free Wedding: Your Go-To Person

Having a right-hand man on the day of your wedding will ensure that everything goes smoothly. This job will most likely fall on a sister, best friend or maid of honor. This person needs to know almost everything that you do about the wedding. They will be incharge of handling difficult mothers and in-laws, get you food so you won’t be starving, and also be the person people can go to when the guests have questions about the wedding so you can get ready for your big day.