The Do’s and Don’t of Having an Adult Only Wedding


It’s possible that you didn’t think about having children while you were designing your fantasy wedding. But if you’re inviting someone who has children, you’ll have to let them know whether children are welcome and if they are included in their parents’ invitation.


There are many young couples who choose to not have kids at their wedding for many different reasons, and the truth is this is totally up to you and your spouse.


It’s critical that your guests know in advance whether your wedding will be an adults-only affair. Determine the acceptable language and etiquette for a no-kids wedding invitation. Here are a few tips you can use to plan your adult’s only Georgia wedding.

How to Say No Kids at Your Georgia Wedding

Informing guests that their children are not invited to your wedding might be unpleasant; some parents may be disappointed that they cannot bring their children or that they must pay a babysitter.


It is essential that you inform guests explicitly but respectfully that you are hosting a no-kids wedding. Learn how to say “no children at my wedding” in a nice manner so that guests are not insulted.

Always Address the Invites Properly

Make it clear on your invites that they are directed to the guests who have been invited, not the whole family. Write the invitation to “Mr. and Mrs. Names” rather than “The Doe Family” on the envelope and answer card.


Most wedding guests should realize that an invitation sent to two people excludes their children. Make certain that your invitations are appropriately addressed to the persons who have been invited to a child-free wedding.

Directly State Adult’s Only Wedding

Addressing your invites just to adults is insufficient. Make it clear on the invitation or the RSVP card that the wedding is for adults only. Later in the post, we’ll include samples of adults-only wedding language so you may select the appropriate phrase for your requirements.

You may simply state “Adults only” someplace on the invitation, or you can write a lengthier justification that cites the capacity of the location, the tone of the event, the scheduling, or another reason. Sometimes the wedding menu isn’t right for young kids.

Put Adults Only On the Response Card

If you utilize response cards to collect RSVPs, you may only include adults only the response card. You may also make it apparent by simply leaving space on the answer cards for the adults’ names, or even writing their names out so everyone knows who is invited to your Georgia wedding.

Utilize Your Wedding Website

Mention that your wedding is a no-kids affair if you utilize a wedding website to communicate wedding updates and information with attendees. Many wedding websites have a FAQ area, which is an excellent way to state that children are not permitted.

Is It Rude to Host an Adult’s Only Wedding?

You may be worried about whether or not it is rude or snobby to host an adult’s only wedding. But, saying “adults only” isn’t snobby or rude. Weddings are costly, so eliminating children from your guest list is a reasonable compromise. There are so many reasons why young couples choose to have no kids at their wedding and it’s not because they dislike kids!


Some events are just not suitable for children. For a child-friendly wedding, you may want to avoid a celebration with an open bar and a large guest list. There is no place for youngsters at an adult reception if there is a boisterous gathering.