How and What to Choose Items for a Wedding Registry

If you are not sure what to add onto your wedding registry here are some ideas with different price ranges so that your guests can choose from a wide selection.

Wedding Registry Gifts $0-$20

  • Small Ceramic bowls- A Great Way To Start A New Journey Is With A New Set Of Beautiful Bowls.
  • Measuring cups (Stainless Steel or Copper)- Everyone Needs Multiple Measuring Cups.
  • Small Stainless Steel Wastebasket- Gives Your Bathroom Fresh Vibes.
  • An Accent Pillow for the Living Room or Bedroom – Brightens Up The Room With A Pop Of Color.
  • Floating Shelves – Perfect for New Wedding Photos
  • Couple Cooking Books- Cooking Brings Couples Together
  • Cute Embroidered Luggage Tags- Mr. & Mrs.
  • Picture Frames- Ones That Match Your Decor
  • Candles – Pick Your Favorite Scents

Wedding Registry Gifts $20-$50

  • Scratch Map- This is perfect if you love to travel
  • Electric Pizza Maker-  Perfect For Having Date Night At Home
  • Copper or Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker- For Those Who Love To Entertain
  • Plush Robes- Comfy and Cute Matching Robes
  • Eqyptian Cotton Towels- A Great Way to Start Off Marriage With Soft Set Of Towels.
  • Crockpot- Everyone Needs A Crockpot.
  • Set Of Glassware- Entertaining and Casual Use
  • Sheets- Everyone Loves A Great Set Of Sheets, Also Clarify Your Bed Size.
  • Gift Card- This Is Perfect For Those Who Can’t Decide What To Pick From Your Registry.

Wedding Registry Gifts $50-$100

  • Picnic Set- For romantic picnics in the park
  • Waterproof Tent- For Outdoor adventures.
  • Harrison Bar Tool Set- Entertaining guests as a new couple.
  • Karaoke System- A fun way to get the family to bond.
  • Fabric Steamer- For the business couples who don’t have time to iron.
  • Bathrobes- A great way to relax each other with an at-home spa day.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set- The Couples that cook together, stay together.
  • Baking Dish- To Cook wonderful homemade meals.
  • Ceramic Pizza Dish- A pizza lovers favorite accessory. 

Wedding Registry Gifts $100-$250

  • Suitcase- For those who love to travel.
  • Hiking Pack- Outdoor dates are taken to a new level!
  • Wine Cooler- Perfect for wine lovers
  • Dinnerware Set- Great for people who love to entertain and holiday parties.
  • Throw Blanket- Make it fancy! Great for bringing the room together.
  • Bathcaddy- Not only does it bring character to your bathroom, but it is perfect for those who love to relax in the bath.
  • Laundry Basket- Organizational and tidy!
  • Nonstick Cookware Set- You can get rid of mismatching cookware now!

Wedding Registry Gifts $250+

  • Go-Pro- The perfect partner to capture all your memories on your honeymoon in exoctic places.
  • Bar Cart- An expensive and beautiful piece to add to your entertainment collection.
  • Wine- Wine-lovers will surely appreciate the expensive gift of quality wine.
  • Duvet- Couples who love their beds will appreciate the soft and wonderful duvet.
  • Rug- Rugs are always expensive, but it is also a great addition to any house, especially if the house has tile or wooden floors.
  • Blender/Individual Blenders- The perfect gift for those who live the gym life.
  • Bedsheets- The higher the thread count, the more you are likely to fall in love.