You’ve heard it already. “Time goes so fast on your wedding day.” It’s true. You’ve spent months planning this very day, scheduling everything down to the minute. And even though you added 30 extra minutes into your schedule to visit with your guests, you’ll never believe how time slips away.

Everyone wants to tell you how beautiful you are, the planner wants to confirm napkin placement, and the officiant wants a word with you before the ceremony. Oh, and there are all those ceremonial pieces of the day that take longer than you think they will (did you know it can take 15+ minutes for guests to line up for your grand exit?).

It might sound like your wedding day is doomed to be a rushed, stressful mess. But, we’re here to give you the good news. Time can stop on your wedding day. And you can even schedule it! Yep. That’s right.

Imagine this. You just sealed the deal with a kiss to your Prince Charming. The officiant presents you to your guests, you turn, and they clap. And off you go down the aisle into your future. And then what? Probably either greeting guests or posing for photos, depending on your schedule.

But what if you scheduled a romantic canoe ride out on the lake instead? (Or afterwards. The possibility of you getting your dress wet might not appeal to your photographer before you have group shots taken care of.) Or even after dinner?

Your guests are all enjoying themselves up at the rustic wedding barn, settling in for dinner, and we’re handling all the details for a while. As the sun is lowering in the sky, you and your groom climb into the perfect little red canoe and drift away from the hustle and bustle of the day. It’s quiet, except for the crickets singing their summer song.

What will you talk about? Will he lean in for a movie-perfect kiss? Will you laugh about that silly stutter during the ceremony? It’s a perfect moment and it will be all yours as you drift over the quiet waters, your handsome man gently rowing you along. There aren’t many perfect moments in life, but this could be one of the best. And we’re pretty sure you won’t want to get out of the boat.

We want to encourage you to make meaningful moments during your wedding day, and we’ve provided the red canoe for exactly that. Not to mention it makes for absolutely stunning photos and videos. We’ll leave you with this video.

Elizabeth & Peter – Wedding Highlights – Spring Lake Events – Atlanta Wedding Videographer from Moments Revisited on Vimeo.

Don’t you wish today was your wedding day at Spring Lake?