How To Create an Awesome Wedding Hashtag

With modern weddings, social media is now a huge part of weddings. Hashtags are the perfect way to let your guests be a part of your wedding too. By creating a unique hashtag for your wedding your guests can take photos and use your special hashtag on the photo. This way everyone can look back on your big day and remember those amazing and fun moments. It is also a fun way to see your guests POV.

Here is how you can create your special hashtag for your wedding!


When creating your hashtag, try to keep it simple and to the point. Using super long hashtags will get confusing. Keeping it short and simple will help your guests find it easily and remember it.

Here are some examples of what you can use for a simple hashtag:

  • #TheSmiths
  • #MrandMrsSmith
  • #TheSmithsWedding
  • #SmithsSayIdo
  • #SmithWedding
  • #SmithVows
  • #ClaireandBrandonSmith
  • #ClaireandBrandonWedding
  • #TheSmithsTieTheKnot
  • #ClaireandBrandonSayIDo


You can also go the creative route when choosing your wedding hashtag. People love this route because they can combine their names together to make a couple-name. People also like to take this opportunity to make a pun with their name. Here are a few examples we found:

  • #WalbyDamned
  • #MeetTheRobinson
  • #DreamComeShru
  • #PartyWithThePeters
  • #LawsonsInLove
  • #MeetTheMillers
  • #MartinMarriesEva
  • #ToHaveAndToHolt
  • #HallMyLove
  • #DreamsComeDrew
  • #TeamTurner


Creating a great hashtag is fun, so make it funny! Your guests will enjoy it and it will make for great memories. They don’t have to be based on your names, you can get creative with it! Here are some great examples of funny hashtags we found:

  • #MintToBe
  • #EatDrinkBeMarried
  • #DonutLetMeGo
  • #MarriageHasANiceRingToIt
  • #PutARingOnIt
  • #KissTheGirl
  • #MrsHasANiceRingToIt”
  • #TillDeathDoUsParty
  • #StartSpreadingTheBooze


Adding numbers to your hashtag will make it easier for your guests to find it. It also helps to make your hashtag stand out and be unique. When adding numbers it also can clarify what year you are getting married in or add any other significant numbers.

  • #JamesAndKate2020
  • #JandK2020
  • #JamesAndKate20
  • #2020JamesAndKate
  • #JamesAndKate121220
  • #JamesAndKateDecember2020
  • #JandKWinter2020
  • #JandK121220
  • #JamesAndKateWinter20

What to Avoid

Here are some tips on what you should avoid when creating your hashtag for your big day:

  • Try to avoid using a hashtag that would cause an easy misspelling, For example #SophiaandMark, the double a at the end of “Sophia” plus “and” has the potential to cause a misunderstanding.
  • To help the readability of your hashtag, use capital letters for each word.
  • Try to avoid making it super long, it will be tedious for your guests to type out.
  • When choosing your wedding hashtag, make sure you don’t choose something that is incredibly common and popular. It will cause your wedding photos to be drowned in hundreds of others who used the same hashtag.
  • Check out your hashtag beforehand to make sure you do not hijack someone else’s unique hashtag, add an extra number or letter to avoid this.
  • Don’t overthink it! If you spend too much time thinking about your hashtag, you will waste precious time planning for more important things in your wedding.

Note: If you are still stuck and have no idea what your hashtag should be, try using a hashtag generator! There are so many out there, you will be able to find the perfect hashtag for your wedding.