Ways to Involve Family In Your Wedding

These days, traditional wedding involvement roles have taken a back seat. The old traditions of how a family would be included in on the festivities are dwindling as couples become more independent in life, and therefore in their planning process. 

But where does this leave your relatives? It does NOT have to leave them in the dark on the participation front. There are so many different and meaningful ways to be sure they feel included. The plus side to this? It can also help to alleviate some of the stress that planning will cause you. Let’s get creative with it:

The Proposal

The involvement does NOT have to begin with the actual wedding! If there’s talk of marriage, there will obviously be a proposal somewhere along the line. Just imagine how thrilled mom, dad, sis, bro would be to assist with the biggest question you’ll ever asked/be asked! What an honor. 

If this is important to you, stress it to your significant other! Give them a look into the window that is your perfect proposal. Does it mean your family is waiting in the wings to surprise you with a champagne toast? Or maybe they’re part of the most epic and romantic scavenger hunt! There is so much room for creativity, and your families would be thrilled to brainstorm with you on this. 

The Engagement 

This is where you can REALLY utilize some extra help, and your loved ones are willing to give it! So many times, couples feel guilty asking for help during the planning process. It’s their wedding, so why should anyone else have to do the work? NOT TRUE! Family members want your special day to be everything you dreamed of, and they certainly don’t want you to have a nervous breakdown before you get there. 

Have a good negotiator in the family? Jackpot! Ask them to research package pricing for whatever it is you need to book- hotel blocks, a hall, a band, a photographer, etc. Having comparable pricing will be so helpful to agree on prices for these necessities, but it’s also time-consuming to research. Let someone else do it for you! 

How about menu decisions? Sure, you and your fiance(e) could do this alone, but why not invite your parents to a tasting? Maybe they’ll have some input you never thought of, and I’m sure they won’t turn down a good meal! 

Is your brother a bartender? Have him whip up some recipes for signature drinks and make a night out of testing them! You’ll be sure to bank some memories, and your guests will love the story behind them. 

Dress fittings are always a great way to involve those who you don’t mind seeing the gown before the big day! They’re another opportunity for a memorable day out, and you are sure to have them tearing up getting a sneak peek at you as a bride. 

The big one- D.I.Y. If you are having a crafty, do-it-yourself wedding, YOU WILL NEED HELP! Use your family members’ strengths to your advantage! Get an assembly line going of those invitations you wanted to make yourself. Teach your mom how to make the tissue paper pom poms that will be hanging at the hall. Have your step-dad build you an arch for the ceremony since he is so very handy! 

The Big Day 

On the day of, of course, there are so many ways your family can make your day extra memorable. You might want some readings done by a loved one rather than by an officiant. Maybe you’re wearing something of your mother’s or father’s (the tie from his wedding day, or a piece of her dress or veil). Perhaps you chose to donate to a charity that means a lot to your family in lieu of favors. 

The traditional ways to incorporate your family on the actual day are still prevalent, but there are also ways you can shake it up a bit! Everything is customizable to your unique family. Use that to your advantage for a unique day you’ll never forget!