Honoring Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

It can be extremely difficult to plan a wedding with the loss of a loved one in the back of your mind. You wish they were there with you every step of the way, and it can be one of the more somber parts of the process. 

While it certainly won’t be the same without them there, you can find really special ways to honor them and make sure it’s known that you’re thinking of them, and their spirit is most certainly present and accounted for on your wedding day. 

Framed Photos

Of course, some of your favorite photos of your lost loved one incorporated into your day can be really special. It’s a physical representation of them that all of your guests can admire. Some people do a table with all of their loved ones and a special quote or saying that expresses how much they are missed. A shadow box is another great option, and can even be displayed in your home after the big day; a constant reminder of their presence and how they were represented at your wedding. 

If your lost loved one was female and had been married, having a framed photo of them on their wedding day is a wonderful tribute. You could ask your photographer to take a photo of you holding it, and treasure the documentation of generations crossing paths. 

Charms or Jewelry

Nowadays, there are lots of online boutiques that specialize in charms especially for brides’ bouquets that feature a lost loved one on them. That way, they’re right there to walk you down the aisle and are even close by as you exchange your vows.

Jewelry is another popular option. A charm or locket with their photo on a necklace or bracelet could be worn. Perhaps you could make something of theirs your “something borrowed”, like some earrings or a brooch.  Including them in such timeless wedding traditions is something you’ll never forget. Make sure to have your photographer snap a picture of whatever special item you choose! 

Special Moment

Perhaps rather than having a physical reminder of your loved one, you would want to consider an act of love and remembrance to include in your ceremony or reception. 

Depending on who this person was to you, you could think of so many ways to do this that would be really personal to your relationship. Of course, though, we’ll give you a few examples.

During your ceremony, you could have someone do a reading of remembrance, whether it be a poem, a song, or something they wrote to you personally. Maybe an open letter that you wrote to them, even. Spending a moment to really feel that connection would be such an honorable way to acknowledge them. 

Another thing to consider is lighting a candle in their memory. It would take only a moment and is a simple way to show you are missing them but know they are present. 

At the end of the evening, if you have a venue with an outside area (like Spring Lake), releasing lighted lanterns would not only be a beautiful and luminous way to remember someone, but it would also be quite a memorable ending to your beautiful day. 

Any way that you incorporate their memory is going to be special and completely yours. Most importantly, you will feel their love right there with you that day. In everything you do, every word you speak, and in the fond memories you will make. They are there, and they are proud.