What to Ask Before You Hire a Wedding Vendor

When it comes to hiring people to help out with your special day, it is important you know which questions you should ask. So let’s go over a few key questions you should be thinking about and asking before inviting a wedding vendor to help with your Georgia vintage wedding.

What To Ask A Wedding Planner

  • It is a good idea to ask, how involved will I get to be in the planning process? Because some wedding planners take over the entire process and leave little to nothing for the bride and groom to decide on even though it is their own wedding.
  • Make sure to ask what isn’t included in the planners packages.
  • Ask about how many weddings they take on per year. If they take on quite a few, then that means they are not only experienced but well liked. 
  • When discussing the wedding date ask what lengths have you gone to ensure client satisfaction on the wedding day? This shows their dedication to ensuring your day will be perfect.
  • It is helpful to as, “What is the overall experience of working with you like?” This allows for you to get a good read on your planner and look for any possible red flags.

What To Ask A Wedding Photographer

  • Ask if the photographer has insurance, if something were to happen to their equipment while shooting your photos it would help to prevent conflict over who would have to pay for the damage.
  • Ask what would happen if you are sick or there is an emergency the scheduled day for taking photos.
  • See if you can view completed previous albums that the photographer has taken to get a feel on their style.
  • When interviewing them, ask what they love about weddings and being a photographer.
  • Is it possible for you to request for certain photos to be taken?
  • Don’t forget to ask how long will it take for you to get your images and how you will be receiving them. (Printed or Digital).
  • Ask what information the photographer will be needing prior to the wedding day.
  • And most importantly, how much is the deposit and when they will need it by.

What To Ask A Wedding DJ

  • Does the DJ offer a written contract?
  • Make sure to ask if you are hiring from an agency, that the person you are talking to will be the same DJ at your wedding/reception.
  • See how long they have been a DJ for and how many weddings have they done before.
  • Ask how many events or weddings they perform in one day. This is important because if you were hoping to pay them extra at the last minute to stay a little longer, they may already be booked. 
  • When interviewing them, ask them “what makes you different from your competitors?” This is a great question because if they start bashing other competitors, that is an immediate red flag.
  • Sometimes you get an awkward crowd who aren’t wanting to dance or to shy to, ask them what they would do to motivate the crowd when nobody is dancing.
  • Request to speak to their references, this helps you see if they prove who they portray themselves as during the interview.
  • Ask about having a say in some of the music on the playlist. Some DJ’s like to stick to their own playlist.
  • See when you need to submit the details for the event and music requests prior to the wedding date.
  • Make sure you check to see when they will arrive to set up for the wedding/ reception so you can plan accordingly.
  • Ask about their wardrobe for your wedding, you may not want someone who is wearing a a baggy shirt and jeans.
  • If you do decide at the last minute to pay them extra to stay a bit longer, it is a good idea to ask prior how much they charge for overtime.
  • Make sure that they are insured, so if something happens to their equipment during your ceremony or reception there isn’t a huge conflict over who has to pay for what.
  • Don’t forget to ask if they have a wireless microphone, this will make it easier for people to make announcements as well as make toasts and speeches. 

What To Ask A Wedding Caterer

  • Make sure that the caterer is available on the date that you need them.
  • See how long they have been in business.
  • Ask how many weddings/events they usually cater per year. If it is a lot then that is a sign that they are good and in high demand.
  • Determine how many guests can the caterer accommodate, this is important especially if you have a huge guest list. 
  • See if the caterer is catering other events on the same day, this will allow you to make adjustments to your wedding day schedule to account for the caterer and how long they will be able to stay.
  • Check to see if there is a cost for the caterer to set up and take down their stations.
  • How will the caterer be serving the food? Individual style, family style or buffet?
  • Can they accommodate special requests such as gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian and children’s meals?
  • See if it is possible that the caterer can arrange for a tasting and what does it cost?
  • Are they able to provide beverages and alcohol, as well as have a liquor license?
  • Do they provide bars and bartenders? If so, then how many?
  • Are they able to provide the tables, chairs, napkins, plates, glasses and cutlery?
  • Do they offer food and drink packages?
  • Don’t forget to ask about the total cost and what is the required amount for a deposit?
  • See if they offer payment plans.
  • Do they have a  cancellation policy?
  • Also make sure that they have a food service business permit.
  • Does the caterer have references?
  • When will the caterer need your final food choices and guest count?
  • Ask to see what you can do with leftover food from the event. It can be packaged to take home or donated.

What To Ask A Wedding Cake Baker

  • Are there filling choices for your cake?
  • Does the baker or designer work with fondant or buttercream?
  • Is it possible for the baker to make sugar flowers? Can they also work with fresh flowers? 
  • How far in advance will the wedding cake be prepared? This is important because if it is made too early, then the cake won’t be as fresh.
  • Who will be making the wedding cake? Sometimes the person you talk to won’t be the person to make your cake.
  • What are the prices for different types of wedding cakes? This will allow you to have options and see if there is a cake within your budget. 
  • See if they will also provide the cake stands.
  • How will the cake be delivered to the venue and what time?
  • It may seem silly, but make sure that they have a food service license, it will help to ensure that they follow proper health codes.