Should You Freeze The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake?

There is a long standing tradition of freezing the top layer of your wedding cake! This tradition stems from a traditional practice from the 1900’s of saving the top layer of the wedding cake and had used it for their first childs’ christening. Now it changed and adapted into the vintage wedding tradition we practice today. 

Is it worth it?

One of the first questions asked when it comes to saving the top layer of the wedding is: “Is it worth it?” People become very skeptical when it comes to saving a piece of cake in their freezer for a year. Whether it is due to making sure it does not get freezer burn or not having enough space in your freezer. It is controversial, some people loved it and thought that it was definitely worth saving it. Some didn’t even want to taste it and threw it away feeling disappointed. Others didn’t eat it, but appreciated the memories that the cake brought back up. 

How to Freeze your cake properly

When it comes to freezing your cake, it is definitely not the first thing that comes up during your consultation with your chosen baker. So it is easy to forget, but we have the solution for those who forgot to ask! 

  • First when it comes to freezing your cake, you should put it in the fridge or the freezer just until it hardens. Once it hardens, make sure you take it out and wrap it in plastic wrap at least 6 times.
  • Make sure when you are wrapping it, make it as tight as possible in order to eliminate as much air as you possibly can. Be mindful of the decoration on your cake, the more elaborate it is, the harder it will be to wrap.
  • Once you finish wrapping your cake as much as your heart’s content, put it in a Tupperware container. This will provide further protection from the environment of your freezer. 
  • Now just wait till it is time to eat it!

How to Defrost

We know you may be super excited to complete your one year and celebrate your anniversary, but the process for defrosting your cake is just as important as the freezing process. If you don’t do it properly, it causes the quality taste of your cake to decrease significantly. 

  • If you were wanting to eat the cake as soon as you wake up in the morning it is best to do this process the night before. However if you are planning on saving this special treat till the evening, make sure you do this process in the morning to ensure the best taste.
  • If you try to eat the cake as soon as it comes out of the freezer, more likely than not, you will be incredibly disappointed and end up throwing it in the trash.
  • When you take your cake out of the freezer, remove the Tupperware and plastic wrap from your cake.
  • Put the cake in your fridge, being careful to avoid putting it near any smelly foods so the cake won’t absorb the fridge smells.
  • Take the cake out about an hour before you plan to eat it so that the cake can get to room temperature.

Freezing the whole cake vs freezing a slice

When it comes to freezing the entire top layer of your cake, a lot of people tend to be skeptical due to the fact that it will be taking up space in your freezer for an entire year. This can especially be a large problem if you and your partner already have limited space and need all the space they can get in their fridge. So if you still want to commit to the idea of saving your cake to eat on your first anniversary into your marriage, you can always just save a slice or two big enough for you and your partner. (You can also share the one slice). It not only saves you space in your freezer, but you also get to stick to this fun tradition!

No Cake Option

You may not be interested in trying to save the top layer of your cake, or maybe there wasn’t even enough cake left over for you to save! Don’t worry, there is still a solution. Instead of worrying about the tedious task of saving your cake and going through all the steps to ensure that your cake will taste decent after it being stuck in your freezer for a year, you can order a smaller version of your cake. Go to the baker you had used for your wedding and ask them to make a tiny version of the cake you had at the wedding. This will still ensure that you have a cute and tasty cake for your anniversary and the familiar colors and taste will spark the memories from your special day with you and your spouse.