Preparation is the key to ensuring that your wedding day is one to be remembered for years to come. Finding the perfect entertainment for your event is a crucial concern for many brides. 


If you find the best wedding DJ, you will ensure your guests will never forget this amazing experience. On the other hand, they may remember the DJ you hired more than the event if you get it wrong. This can be daunting!


So, let’s look at how to hire a wedding DJ or live band for your big day. 

Should You Hire a Band or DJ?

During your planning process, you will run into one main question. Should you hire a wedding DJ or a wedding band? There are things to consider when answering this question. 


First, think about your wedding venue, does it have enough space for a live band? If you choose a smaller venue, a DJ booth will be easier to work around. Hosting an outside lake wedding may allow you to have a bigger band that can be set up in multiple spaces. 


Secondly, think about your budget. A live band may be more costly than a DJ and both will require tips at the end unless stated otherwise. This will help you narrow down which option is the best pick for you. 


If you have a big enough budget, you can always hire both. You can have a band for the ceremony and reception. Then when you want to pick up the speed, have a DJ play dancing songs for your friends and family.

How To Find a Wedding DJ or Band?

This part truly stumps most brides. How do you find a band or a wedding DJ service within your price range? If you have a wedding planner, it is time to start asking her if she knows anyone who could be available for your event. 


If the wedding planner doesn’t know anyone, ask the venue if they know people who have worked there before. This will help you see who is local in the area, and when a wedding DJ service has been to the venue before, it means they did a job worthy enough to come back. 


If all else fails or you are solo planning an event, you can start by asking friends and family who have recently gotten married. It’s time to start asking your social media and making posts for people to comment on. 


Before booking anyone, you should always talk to a band or DJ. You need to get a feel of the person or group to make sure they match your wedding vibe. If they don’t play the type of music you want to listen to, it’s okay to choose a different band or wedding DJ service.

How To Budget for a DJ

There is no single answer on how to budget for this wedding service. You will first need to look at your expenses. What can you afford for your wedding?


Once you understand what you can afford, you can reach out to multiple wedding DJ services and ask them for quotes on an event. Choose the person who best fits your wedding style and is within your price range. 

Things To Keep In Mind During the Wedding Planning

Always find a DJ sooner rather than later because they will quickly book up for big events. This may mean you need to have a deposit ready to go as soon as you find the right fit. 


Once you have this step completed and you’ve found the best fit, you will want to make a list of must-have songs. Come up with a request list for you, your partner, and even from some family members. 


Lastly, make sure the DJs personality matches what you’re looking for. Every wedding DJ will have a unique flare.