Have you been looking for ways to entertain your wedding guests in ways that they will never expect? Well, search no further! We have found some of the most creative and fun wedding entertainment ideas and compiled them here for your convenience.

So, here is a list of how to entertain your guests in ways that they won’t expect, but will absolutely love.


Cap off your nuptials with a fantastic and awe-inspiring firework display to light up the night! This can be as extravagant or low key as you want. You can hire professionals to put on a huge firework display, including custom fireworks to capture and celebrate your love like a heart firework or your initials entwined. Or, you can do it low-key (read: cheaply) by buying up some fireworks during July 4th weekend or over the New Years eve holidays and stashing them until wedding time. Then, have your most pyrotechnic savvy group of friends set the fireworks off at a discrete distance at the prearranged time.


Hiring a group of fire dancers, hula dancers, belly dancers, flash mob, or any other kind of dancers that you can think of to prance out in all of their costumed glory to dance for your guests will be a wonderful and unexpected surprise. It will surely delight your guests and stir up the fun. Again, this can be done less expensively if you happen to know a group of people that are amazing dancers and are willing to provide a bit of entertainment. You can also gather together your wedding party if they are willing and choreograph a special dance to entertain your guests — the only limit is your imagination!


If you have ever been to a renaissance festival and seen the glassblowers at work, then you know how spellbinding their craft can be to watch. This might be an especially fun addition if you are having a medieval or renaissance themed wedding. You may even consider paying the glass blower to create a hand blown, one-of-a-kind wedding favor for your guests to take home.


A caricature artist can provide a lot of unexpected fun and laughs for your guests. Let her set up her station over by the cocktail station or bar so people can watch the artist in action while waiting for their drinks to be served up. After all, watching the art emerge is half the fun!

Juggler, sword swallower, knife thrower or other carnival type act

There is a reason why carnivals have been around for so long — they are super fun and entertaining! Your guests will love to watch a circus performer throw around pins or flaming sticks, swallow swords, or clown it up. You might even consider going all out and theming your entire wedding around a circus if you really want to go all in on the fun.

There you have it! Once again, there is a lot of room for creativity and fun when it comes to entertaining your guests at your wedding reception. So enjoy the planning, and have a complete blast thinking up how to entertain your guests in ways that they won’t expect.