Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, even Facebook is inundated with hashtags these days. Not only do they help you group posts and find relevant information that may pertain to an interest, but when used in certain ways, you can keep a digital photo album of sorts. Which, when it comes to your wedding, can be tremendously helpful and much cheaper than having disposable cameras that need to have film developed to see the captured moments.

That leads us to the question of how to create the perfect hashtag for your wedding. Combinations, relevancy, memorable, little room for mistakes, etc. should all be considerations when developing that moniker.

Here are some tips to landing that sweet spot of hashtag greatness:

Keep it Simple

As with many aspects of life, keeping your hashtag simple means people are less likely to mistype it or forget it when they’re snapping photos during the ceremony or reception and uploading them to social media. Shorter wedding hashtags also prevent that memory lapse, so think concise and compact. Under 16 characters or so tends to be typical.

Ask for Opinions

Hold a contest, run a poll, or ask people involved (photographer, vendors, planners, invited guests) for their ideas. Your creative juices may have overlooked a gem, so having outside sources help you brainstorm gives you a greater pool to source your hashtag. Plus, they are likely to appreciate being included, and feel like they are contributing more than just an extra seat to the big show. Win-win all around.

Generators or Freelancers

While there are wedding hashtag generators out there, the creativity behind them may be lacking. However, you can certainly give them a try and put those selections on a list. If anything, maybe they’ll spark a brilliant idea when you see the results. Another way of generating some fresh concepts would be to hire a freelancer to drum up a lineup for you. People who specialize in this talent would save you the time and brainpower during this hectic time.


After you have settled on that wedding hashtag, you need to make sure everyone knows it. Innovation and originality come in handy here. Not only can you post a sign, put a note on the tables, or place a banner somewhere, you could easily have it posted on any transportation and on the programs, menus, or favors. The more guests see the #hashtag, the more likely they are to use it. Don’t overlook places like your wedding website and save-the-dates, too. If you already have your hashtag in place, you can spread the word before the event and during.

Using a hashtag ensures you get professional photos (if you have a photographer) along with the more candid shots that everyone takes. Sometimes, those are the pictures you treasure the most years down the line. Add creating a wedding hashtag to your planning to-dos, you will not regret that simple inclusion. The benefit far outweighs the steps in making one, and the steps you take to dream a hashtag up can splash a little fun into the wedding planning process.