How To Create a Wedding Guest List

When creating a guest list, it can become an overwhelming task. So here are some tips to help you get through choosing the perfect guest list for you.

Discuss Money Before Starting the Wedding Guest List

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive, and financial help is always wonderful. However, when you have financial help from your parents then you can become in a tight spot when it comes to the invite list. If they are putting money into the event then they may feel like they have a say in the guest list. So before accepting financial help, discuss what all parties expect. If you can live with their requests then accept the help, but if you can’t then politely decline. This will help prevent future disagreements.

Make Your Dream Guest List For Your Wedding

Start building your dream guest list. Write down every name of everyone you imagine that could attend your wedding. It can range from childhood friends, to friends you made at camp when you were 12 to distant cousins twice removed. Don’t think about your budget for now, write down everyone you can think of and you can trim it down later.

Realistic Numbers

Now that you have all the people you could possibly imagine, it is time to cut down. Look at your budget and see how many people you can afford to invite. You need to take into account how many people can fit into the venue, the amount of food that will be served, and how big the cake needs to be. There are several other factors you must take into account as well, so keep this in mind as you look at the budget.

Make Rules and Follow Them

When cutting down your list it is important to make a few rules, but you HAVE to follow them. 

Here are some examples of some rules you can implement (these are especially helpful if you have a tight budget):

  • Rule 1: If you haven’t spoken to someone in the past 3-5 years, you don’t have to invite them.
  • Rule 2: Don’t want children at your wedding? Have an adult only wedding.
  • Rule 3: Is there someone you feel guilty about not inviting? Don’t invite them.

Have an A-List and B-List

Here is the ultimate secret! Have 2 lists, your A-list contains people that you must invite, such as close family and friends. These people will receive the first round of invitations. Then your B-list invites has the people you still want to be there on your big day. You will send out the invitations to your B-list people if you haven’t received enough RSVP’s from your A-list people.

Stay Strong

Don’t let your parents and in-laws wear you down when you are creating your guest list. Set your boundaries, let them know and stick to it. If they still try to invite people that you don’t want even after you discussed with them, keep in mind this is your wedding, not theirs. You may be able to compromise if budget is solely the issue, if they really want their friend or distant relative at the wedding, then they can opt in money to pay for that person.

Last Minute Add Ons

Don’t do it! Be strong! If you really don’t want them to come to the wedding or can’t afford it, make sure not to discuss specifics with them in the early stages.