How To Create A Mismatched Bridal Party

When it comes to styling your bridal party for your big day, the most recent trend is one of my favorites!

Having a mismatched bridal party is the perfect statement that your wedding needs!

There are several ways you can have a mismatched bridal party and it still make for a beautiful ceremony and breath-taking photos.

Same Dress Different Colors

When you fall in love with a dress’s style and silhouette, you can have that dress opted out with different colors. When choosing colors, make sure you take into account the color themes of your wedding. Try keeping the amount of different colors to at least three. Complimenting colors are the perfect choice. For example, if you choose the color pink, you can have a light pink, purple-ish pink, and a pastel pink.

Same Color DIfferent Dresses

This option is perfect for the bride who wants to stick to the tradition of having all of her bridesmaids in the same color, but having a different style dress. This allows unity in the group as well as gives beautiful diversity against the monotony. This also favors your bridesmaids, because not all styles are form fitting for everyone. So doing this method allows for each bridesmaid to have the perfect looking dress for each different physique.

Different Dresses and Different Colors

This option for mismatched- bridal parties are for the brides who want to go all out and have a completely unique and breathtaking wedding. For stunning photos, going all out when it comes to the mismatched theme is the perfect way to go. Having both mismatched styles and colors is the way to go. You can have similar styles and complimenting colors, make sure you take into account your wedding color schemes.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

  • When it comes choosing your dresses, having too many features for each dress will be too chaotic. 
  • Don’t forget about the dress lengths. Having some longer and shorter aligns with the mismatched theme, however having a cocktail dress next to a floor-length may look awkward. 
  • Forget about trying to find a dress that your bridesmaids can “wear again”. After putting on the dress after the wedding will still make them feel like a bridesmaid. 
  • Switching designers is a big no-no. By sticking with the same designer it allows your ladies to have the similar dresses yet the freedom of choosing their own dress.

Things You Should Do

  • When you are comparing different colors, make sure you compare the samples of the dresses and not just against the color swatches.
  • Pre-select a few different dresses with styles, necklines, features and colors that you like. Then you can have your girls pick from the selection that you approve of. 
  • Get input from your bridesmaids, they want to be able to rock your wedding and feel confident in their dresses as well. (However, it is still your choice in the end, don’t feel overwhelmed).
  • The perfect way to tie all the bridesmaids gowns together is having matching bouquets with neutral tones.