How To Choose an Engagement Photo Session Location

Your Photographer

When it comes to getting your photos taken professionally, you need to choose a photographer. When picking out a photographer, you should get to know them. Getting to know your photographer will allow for them to get to know you and your partner’s personality so they can capture who you are on film and bring out the best in the both of you. Think about what works for you as a couple. Are you coffee lovers? Find a cute coffee shop to take your photos. Do you love staying home together watching movies and cooking dinner together? A perfect photo-op of you cooking together. Love the ocean? You can take pictures at a beautiful aquarium. 

Sunset VS Sunrise

Taking photos at sunset and sunrise give you the perfect glow light for your photos. However, not every location will work. So make sure you do research beforehand. Look at locations that show off the sunset (also be sure to check weather beforehand to prevent a colorless sunset). Also make sure you check to see what time the sunsets so you don’t show up too early. 

If you choose to have your photos taken at sunrise, some locations tend to be foggy in the early morning and make for stunning pictures. If you also choose different locations that are far away from each other, take into account that distance and the time it takes to get there. The earlier you start, the more time you have.

Dress to Match the Location

When choosing your location for your engagement photos, pick out your outfits so they match or compliment the location. For example, a business suit does not fit in with a forest background and an outfit to go out to the club doesn’t fit in with a cute coffee shop. Here are some examples of what you could wear:

Beach: Flowy dress with a flower crown.

Forest: Plaid shirt with cute jacket and jeans.

You can also have a cute flashback with black and white photos in your 50’s themed outfits in a diner.


This is all depending on the fact of whether or not you want other people in the background of your photos. 

If you want people in the background such as tourists, you can go to a city park. Or for a little more people and a unique setting, try a farmers market! It will make for interesting photos with movement and the atmosphere. However, if you want to avoid having random people in the background giving you weird looks or the stink eye, it is best to keep the extra people to a minimum.

It is important to be mindful of heavy traffic areas when choosing where you want your photo session. For example, if you have a favorite tree in a park near you but someone has stationed themselves under that tree and refuse to move it will but a stall in your plans.

This is another reason why photographers and clients request for nature scenes in their photo sessions is because there are significantly less people. Another bonus is that their hours of operating usually are from sunrise to sunset, making it easier for you to get the beautiful glowy pictures you want. Some parks even have beautiful, unique scenes such as waterfalls, cliffs with a stunning view of the land below, and mountains in the background.


If you are shooting in a location that is strict and requires a permit, make sure you get the permit first before setting a date with your photographer. This will help prevent forgetting the permit and asking your photographer to reschedule for another day.