Choosing The Best Wedding Venue

All wedding venues in Georgia are not created equal. The fact is, some venues jump on a trend just because they can, but that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to put in any effort to making sure the event is beautiful and executed flawlessly. Many venues have the mentality that if they simply exist, the business will come. That may be true to an extent, but don’t be a bride who ends up with a venue that has you sign some paperwork and then you don’t hear from them again. 

Wedding Venue Grounds 

It’s one thing to own some property, but it’s another thing to keep up with it. Proper landscaping is, of course, important, but you want to find a venue that has clearly taken the time to add touches of beauty that they didn’t necessarily have to add.

At Spring Lake, our gorgeous lakeside location and views overlooking the hills of outside Atlanta really do speak for themselves. That didn’t stop us from adding vintage pews surrounding a cedar arch for you to exchange vows under. Our rustic but elegant barn was created with YOU in mind. We took the extra steps, and it shows. 

If a venue is willing to put the extra work into their grounds, you can bet on them putting in some extra work for you as a client. Take notice! 

The Best Wedding Venue Features

Again, it would be SO easy for a wedding venue to say, “Thanks for your deposit, now have fun figuring out the rest!” Then, you’re left to figure out all the logistics of your wedding on your own. A venue that is willing to offer a bit of guidance is a game changer! 

At Spring Lake Events, we have tried our very best to make sure you have every possibility covered! We offer you a gorgeous lakeside ceremony location, a gazebo where you can offer drinks during cocktail hour, two suites for your bridal party (and YOU) to retreat to, and so much more. How many venues do you know that have built a cabin just to accommodate extra decor that we would LOVE to let you use? We have parking COVERED. Worried about your caterer having everything they need? We have a FULL kitchen complete with anything they could need on your big day. 

We offer all the extras so that we can make your life easier and your event amazing. 

How Much Does A Wedding Venue Cost?

So many times we hear complaints of brides trying to find easy accessible wedding venue pricing information for their venues. They search their websites up and down and can’t find an inkling of information on what it *might* cost them. So they call, sit on hold, wait for callbacks from the proper people. All just to find out the venue is well outside of their budget and they have just wasted their time. 

If a venue has pricing information upfront, that is usually a good sign that they are “no-nonsense”. They have nothing to hide and are ready to work with you and waste as little time as possible. 

Spring Lake Events has package pricing right on our website. We understand that your time is valuable, and while our packages are customizable, so pricing can vary, we want you to have an upfront idea of cost so we have a good, solid foundation to work from. 

Venue shopping should NOT be as dreadful as many couples think it’s going to be. Look for all the signs of an honest venue that wants to serve YOU!