Including Pets In Your Wedding

Let’s be honest…

If you could, you’d choose Fido as your Maid of Honor or Best Man. Their loyalty cannot be matched! 

And hey, who’s to say you can’t choose them for those roles! But if you are worried about their ability to uphold the duties that come along with being the Pooch of Honor, there are definitely other memorable ways you can include your furriest friend. 

The Proposal

Okay, so if you are on the receiving end of this, you may not get much of a say. That’s where hint dropping comes in! If you love your dog enough that you WANT him included in a proposal, hopefully, your spouse knows that about you. If it isn’t an obvious given, discuss your dream proposal ahead of time! I promise your hubby-to-be will appreciate that you are letting him know exactly what you want. Everyone ends up happy! And how adorable will it be to look back at that milestone if your life and have the memory of your pup’s involvement? A ring tied to her collar? A sign that says, “Will you marry my dad?” around his neck? There will be tears regardless, but extra tears when cute puppies are involved. 

Save the Date! 

First comes the proposal, next comes Save the Dates! Of course, this is a great opportunity to showcase your beloved pet! 

Many couples use their engagement photos as Save the Dates, and most photographers are more than happy to accommodate pets! You can use cute props to display the date and use your pup to hold the sign, wear the bandana. Whatever it is you come up with! Pets on Save the Dates are guaranteed to bring your guests a smile when they receive them! Plus, you’ll have awesome family photos from the engagement shoot that include your fur baby.

In the Decor

Maybe you can’t accommodate having your pet physically at your wedding, but there are other ways to make their presence known by sprinkling them into your wedding decor! Your cake topper will look a whole lot cuter with a silhouette of your dog included! Or how about table numbers? Your guests would get a kick out of framed photos of your dog holding the numbers as their road to navigating the tables. How about a cut out of their head as a photo booth prop?! You should probably consider incorporating your dog’s face into EVERY area of your wedding for maximum cute factor. 

In the Ceremony

If you CAN, in fact, trust your dog at an actual wedding ceremony, why not go for it?! It will make for the BEST memories. Your dog could kick off the aisle walk as the first participant in the ceremony to walk down (it’ll certainly get everyone’s attention!). Maybe your ring bearer or flower girl could use a buddy to head down the aisle with? Kids and dogs? EXTRA CUTE! Have one more bridesmaid than groomsmen? Pick out your #1 dog-lovin’ girlfriend to escort your pooch and hold the leash while you exchange vows! One thing is for certain; we have never heard of anyone regretting included their pet in the ceremony, so you probably won’t either. 

And of course, you can’t forget, “And I vow to love our dog as much as I love you, forever and ever…”.