How To Include Mom In The Wedding

Whether you and your mom are locking arms to plan your wedding, or you work better planning events separately, there are so many memorable ways to include your mom in the wedding. Your wedding is a special day to a lot of people – especially your mom. We’ve laid out for you, our favorite ways we see brides incorporating mom into the event. 

Use Something from Her Wedding

There are so many ways to incorporate and repurpose things from your mom’s wedding into your own and will add a sentimental touch to the ceremony. You could have a piece of her vintage wedding dress sewn to yours, use her wedding veil, or repurpose some of her decorations. You could even ask if you could wear a piece of the jewelry that she wore for her wedding, whether that’s a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. Not only will these ideas be a beautiful throwback to your mom’s special day, she’ll be thrilled to see the momentos from her day live on in yours. 

Get Ready Together

While you’ll be surrounded by your bridesmaids on the morning or afternoon of your wedding, invite your mom to the party. This will be a memorable time for the both of you to share. If you’re DIYing your look, consider doing your mom’s makeup. This will be a fun moment for the both of you to look back on and cherish and will live on through the pictures of you and your mom looking absolutely stunning. Bonus points if once you’re all glammed up, you honor your mom with the first wedding picture of the two of you.

Get her a Wedding Gift

While it’s the norm for the bride and groom to exchange wedding gifts, why not do this with your mom too? You could purchase a piece of jewelry to match her style and attire for the wedding, or get her a momentum to remember the beautiful emotions of your big day. There are plenty of ideas for wedding thank-you gifts to give your mom. Whatever it is, she will be touched that amidst the craziness you took the time to think of her.

Incorporate Her Talents

Instead of your mom trying to find things to help with, take her talents into consideration and give her some projects to work on that incorporate her strengths. If she’s crafty, use her knowledge and skills to create some unique decorations. If she’s the queen of calligraphy, let her design the invitations, place cards, menu’s etc. This will make her feel valuable and she’ll be excited to help! Not only will letting your mom help save you time and money, your guests will love seeing your family touches in the ceremony and reception. 

Showcase Her Cooking

If your mom enjoys her time in the kitchen and makes good food, you are lucky on SO many different levels. Ask her to either prepare the main course or deserts. Not only is this a fantastic way to include your mom in a huge part of the reception, it will also save you a TON of money. Who doesn’t love a good, home-cooked meal from mom? Your guests will love this homey feel and enjoy the amazing food.