How To Create A Wedding Seating Chart

When it comes to the seating chart, it can be one of the most difficult stressors of your wedding. Every family has their drama, and as the bride you want to create the least stressful and drama free seating chart.

10 Steps to Creating a Seating Chart

The Venue

After choosing your venue, contact them and request for the full layout of the venue with details such as dimensions, where the electrical sockets are and bathrooms.

Placing the Vendors

Take into account where you should instruct the vendors to set up for the reception and ceremony. For example, having the buffet set up directly next to the bathroom is not ideal for you or your guests.

Tables and Chairs 

When picking out chairs and tables, make sure the sizes and shapes will be able to fit within your chosen venue. It is also important to take into account the number of guest attending, you don’t want your guest to feel squished.

Digital Seating Chart

When it comes to creating the seating charts, sticky notes are not going to cut it. Thankfully we are in the day and age of digital seating charts to assist with the complicated task of choosing where your relatives and friends should sit.

Seating The Newlywed Couple

When it comes to seating the bride and groom, it is best to place them at what is called a sweat-heart table. This will give the couple a chance to relax a little bit during the reception. There is also the option of sitting them at a table that also seats the parents of both bride and groom along with immediate family.

The VIP Treatment

It is great to give the people in your bridal party the VIP treatment because they are a part of your big day too! By making them feel appreciated you could sit them closer to the desert table if one of them happens to have a big sweet tooth. They want to enjoy your big day as well!

The Remainder of Guests

Grouping people together based on how they know the bride and groom as well as similar interests is the best way to go. It will allow for great conversation and help decrease the awkwardness. A lot of people also try to play the roll of matchmaker when it comes to this.

The Younger Guests

When choosing the set up for the layout, have a table that is near the dance floor. Your younger guests will enjoy the loud music and want to have fun on the dance floor. You can also take into account your older guests who may not enjoy the loud music, sit them farther away.

A Kids Table 

If you have a lot of kids attending your wedding, then it is best to have a kids table/ a kids section. This will allow them to get to know each other better and have fun! It will also give the parents a break for a little while, as they entertain themselves. 

Extended Family and Friends

When it comes to sitting extended family or friends of parents that you may not know very well, get your parents opinion on it. You want to make this wedding enjoyable for everyone, so trying your best to sit everyone near people that the like and enjoy talking to is a great way to ensure that.