How To Choose Your Bridal Party

When it comes to choosing your Bridal party, it can be either the easiest choice you make for your wedding or the one of the hardest. So we are here to help! 

Here are a few tips, take into account how many people you want in your bridal party and how many you can actually afford to have. You also need to consider if they are the best choice to have in your wedding. You may want your super fun friend to be in your party, however are they a reliable choice? Or how about a certain family member that is begging to be in your party, however you know that they are prone to causing drama.

Remember above everything else, that your happiness is the most important, because this is your day. So don’t feel guilty about not having certain people in your party.


  • Choose friends who you love! You want people who you enjoy to be around on the day of your wedding. They will make planning your wedding even more fun and exciting.
  • Choose people who are reliable, you may have a great friend, but you can’t rely on them to get something important done.
  • Not everyone can be in your wedding party, so don’t feel guilty by excluding a few friends.


  • Sisters and cousins are usually the go-to options when you want to include people in your wedding.
  • You can have aunts, and nieces in your wedding as well! Or if your daughter(s) a
  • If you have a daughter(s) then you can include them too.
  • You will also want to consider having family members that you consider to be reliable in your wedding party as well. When making important decisions, it is good to have these type of people around so you can delegate the smaller tasks.

Opposite Sex

  • It is becoming more and more common by having the opposite sex in your bridal party and groomsmen can be groomswomen.
  • You can include your brother(s), cousins or any close male relative.
  • Male best friends are also a perfect choice if you don’t have many girlfriends. 


  • There is a new trend of having animals star in your wedding.
  • You can have your dog as your bridesmaid, bestman or even the ring barer.
  • Now there are exotic animals joining the mix! People are able to rent alpacas to be in their wedding.
  • There are also the theme of farm animals to be included in bridal parties, these are popular in weddings held on farms. (Obviously).


  • There is now a new option of where you can have strangers in your bridal party.
  • Some people do this because they don’t have as many friends to match the number of people you want in your party.
  • You can have a “rent a friend” or simply hire people to be in your wedding. (This option is more common than you think!)

All these tips are important to remember, but above all the most important thing is your happiness. You want to enjoy your day, so choose the people who make you the happiest to be with you on your wedding day.