After months and months of vintage wedding planning, you’ll reach a point where you realize the only thought you’ve given to the honeymoon is clicking the button to book it. YIKES! 

In everyday life, vacation prep is REAL. When planning a wedding, the honeymoon often gets put on the back burner, and then becomes a source of stress when you stop and think about how unprepared you are. 

Our best advice is to keep the honeymoon as simple as possible. The number one thing you need? Your new spouse. Everything else is secondary, but let’s take a look at some things you should definitely pack (and some things you should not). 

Documents to get there

Designate a time for yourself to get all the paperwork together for the honeymoon. Print out your flight and check-in details, get your passports and IDs ready, and anything else you might need to make the day of travel easiest. Some airlines will let you check in ahead of time! Take advantage, especially if you are leaving the day after the wedding. The last thing you’ll want to do is wake up bright and early to wait in a check-in line at the airport. You’ll want to be ready to head right to security! 

Your lightest luggage

You might feel like you want to be prepared for every scenario on your honeymoon and choose the biggest suitcase you can find, but this goes right along with not wanting to wait in that long line… Pack light if possible! If your destination is warm and tropical, trust us when we say a pair of neutral flip flops will do the trick. You won’t need the extra stuff! And you don’t want to worry about checking bags on the most memorable trip of your life. 

Leave the work at home

DON’T BRING YOUR LAPTOP! NO TABLETS! Nothing that will connect you with your professional life! This is the one and only trip that you should have NO guilt about disconnecting for. Your only focus should be enjoying time with your new hubby or wife, so there’s no need to bring this stuff along! 

Versatile outfits

The easiest way to pack light is to focus on outfits that can go from day to night. Maybe something you can wear as a pool cover-up, but also throw a belt around it to cinch it and wear it to dinner? Maxi dresses are always a good choice for this, as you can dress them up with something as simple as blow-drying your hair and wearing a bold lip color. Resort life is easy, breezy, and beachy. Your clothes should be too! 

Ask for help

If you are worried about not having enough brain power at the end of the wedding planning to focus on packing for your honeymoon, don’t be afraid to ask for help! This could be a great task to assign your MOH, a sister, or your mom. Just ask them if they can create a checklist to keep you on track. Ask them to make it as simple as possible for you to mindlessly pack and not forget your toothbrush. You’d be surprised at how helpful this can be!