What to do after your wedding if you can’t go on a honeymoon

There are tons of reasons why couples don’t get to go on a honeymoon right away. Maybe they’re saving up for something special or they want to go to a place that is off-season when they need to get married. Or maybe work schedules just aren’t cooperating. Or the whole world is closed over a virus. Whatever the reason, we have some ideas for you. 

The Staycation Honeymoon

Let’s start with the obvious. Be a vacationer right where you are. Sure, you might drive by that landmark every day on your way to work, but have you ever stopped to explore it like a tourist? Not only can staycations be fun and romantic, but they will create memories right where you are that can keep your honeymoon fresh in your mind. 

Since isn’t that what honeymooning is all about? A state of mind?

The Stay-In Honeymoon

This is the staycation on steroids. You know in the movies where the guy and the girl wake up and look out the windows dressed in sheets like togas? They always seem to have a cup of coffee ready and their makeup on, but it’s such a romantic scene. Waking up slow. Those times are precious and worth cherishing. Because, not too long from now, you’ll have the alarm singing in your ear and the shower will be steaming to wake you up like there is an emergency to tend to. 

A stay-in honeymoon is also a great time to play games or watch romantic movies. Make it extra special by cooking up a special treat to go along with it (like making pecan pie while watching When Harry Met Sally). Chat it up. Share secrets (something you’ve never told anyone else) and really create some memories with your spouse.

Go to a Fancy Restaurant

Or order takeout at 3 of your favorite restaurants (app, entree & dessert). Have a dinner experience you wouldn’t normally have to make it special and memorable. Maybe eat those meals at a place you wouldn’t normally go to, like a fancy restaurant not normally in the budget. Maybe be decadent and get your own desserts. 

Learn a New Hobby Together

Have you dreamed of learning woodworking and furniture making together? Buy a saw and some wood and get to building. You’ll make some great memories and have a new hobby you can do for the rest of your marriage together. 

Create Something Together

This one isn’t for the faint of hearts. But take time off work to create something together. My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs, so we are always scheming up a new business idea. Or maybe you want to create a painting for the mantle together. Or maybe you’re thinking about getting a dog, so you could build a cute dog bed together. Make something awesome and tangible with your time. 

Honeymoon Alternatives

Whatever you decide to do with your time off after your wedding, we hope it turns into amazing memories for years to come. 

But even if you don’t get to do one of the things listed on this list, just remember. The honeymoon phase is just a state of mind. Date your spouse and you’ll always keep the spark alive.