Having a friend, sister, cousin, etc. who’s engaged during the holidays is a definite plus! It opens the door to a whole new realm of gift-giving possibilities. During the holiday season, take advantage of their position and spoil them with gifts you can ONLY give to a bride-to-be! 

Future Mrs….”

Personalization is the name of the game! And their name is about to change, so let’s acknowledge that fact! Check out Etsy for literally anything you can think of to be personalized with their new name; a mug, a return address stamp, a T-shirt, or a reusable water bottle. Trust us when we say she’ll be smitten to see “Mrs. _____” in official writing. 

Deck the Halls…

With personalized ornaments! This is an obvious choice, but will be treasured nonetheless! You can really never have too many that document this special time in a newly engaged couple’s life, so don’t be worried that other people will do the same. Chances are that their tree is a little bare since it’s likely they might just be getting into sharing joint Christmases as a couple. Your ornament can reflect the same as suggested above (Future Mr. and Mrs. _______), or you can go a different route! Maybe they got engagement pictures done, and you can steal one of those to put on an ornament, or you can reference the date and place where they got engaged. Either way, this is a thoughtful, seasonally appropriate, and always appreciated gift. 

Artwork for their Home

The internet is a beautiful place with endless possibilities of thoughtful gifts. Nowadays, you can find an array of personalized items that people can adorn their walls. As with an ornament, you could always get a framed photo of some engagement photos, or pictures from the actual engagement if there are any (and so many people these days hire photographers to document this). There are other really special ways to document this time in their lives. One idea we love is to get a print of the stars on the date and time they got engaged. Every moment is a unique one, and that moment is theirs forever or written in the stars if you will. 

For the Big Day

Especially if this is someone close to you, consider getting them something specifically for their big day! They’ll need champagne flutes to toast with for sure, so that’s always a go-to wonderful gift option. If you’re comfortable picking out jewelry for the bride, this could be a good opportunity to purchase her “something new” and gift her earrings, a brooch, or something she can wear and treasure on her wedding day and for long after. If you REALLY want to wow them with a gesture, contact their caterer, DJ, or photographer and ask to apply a payment to their balance. Nothing says love better than helping to pay those vendor bills! 

Engagement Tools 

A really fun gift for a bride-to-be is supplying her with anything she might need throughout her engagement. You can even make it a fun boxed kit for her! You can include bridal magazines, a notebook or planner, thank you cards, a spa gift card (for de-stressing), and a ring holder for her nightstand to keep that new bling safe! If you’d like to leave the work to the pros, there are lots of subscription boxes for brides these days! Check out: https://misstomrsbox.com

Whatever gift route you decide to venture down, the bride will be so thrilled that you were thoughtful enough to recognize this precious time in her life! Happy holidays!