If you are newlyweds or plan on getting married in 2022, this may be one of the first Christmases you spend as a couple. You may start feeling stressed because now you have two families and two events to go to. 


How do you stay in the Christmas spirit when so much is happening between the two families? It can be essential to give both families equal attention, especially newlyweds. 


Here are some tips on how you can remain in the Christmas spirit and fit both of your families in. Even if you’re not married but engaged and planning a wedding, you will have to figure out how to split time between families. 

Tips for Celebrating With Family

No matter what family you are joining there will be tons of feelings involved, traditions from both families, and it can be hard to miss out on your own family’s traditions if you’re not keen on your in-laws. Here are some things you can do as an engaged couple or newlyweds. 

Talk As a Couple

You both may be concerned about your own families and trying to cater to them, but it is also important to figure out what you both want. You may want to do something special as newlyweds or an engaged couple on Christmas eve and then figure out how to split the next day up. Openly talk about your expectations and what you want as a new family. 

Discuss Family Traditions

Some families may like doing things on Christmas eve while others love the day. If your spouse’s side has tons of kids and the other side doesn’t, you may be able to spend Christmas morning with one side and have a Christmas eve dinner the day before on the other side. 

Meeting In The Middle

Not every plan will be perfect, and both spouses will be responsible for communicating the plans to their half of the family. You and your spouse may have to meet in the middle when it comes to which family gets on Christmas day or how much time each family gets. 

Try Not To Split Up

A sure way to limit the Christmas spirit you’re feeling is to split up from your spouse. You want to tell your family your decisions together and have them view you as a united couple. Don’t split up during the holidays, especially if it’s your first holiday together. 

Other Ways To Remain In The Christmas Spirit 

So, now you know how to handle your family as newlyweds, but sometimes that is not enough. What else can you do to get in the Christmas spirit? There is no correct answer, but for all newly engaged couples or couples spending their first Christmas together as husband and wife, it can be essential to start your own traditions. 

Use Christmas Decor

As newlyweds and spaces of your own, you can decorate whatever way you want. This is not only a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit but can be a fun way to bond with your new spouse. Often, it is the best way to set the spirits high. 

Play Christmas Tunes

It’s time to get to know your partner better and learn what type of music they love to listen to. Turn on your favorites and sing along!

Give a Few Presents Early

If this is your first Christmas as partners, it can be really special, and you can do things a little differently this year. Give your gifts a day or two early! It can be a romantic and sweet gesture for your loved one.