A Vintage Wedding Wonderland

Not Just Any Ol’ Wedding Venue

Almost every girl dreams of her wedding day.  Whether it be a big dress or a simple elegant one, her fairytale plays out in her mind.  Will her wedding be indoors or outside is something else she often thinks of.  Then the little girl becomes all grown up and gets engaged and the wedding planning starts to really unfold.  The lady starts thinking what kind of food will be served at her reception.  She starts thinking of whether her wedding be modern, rustic, or simple.  Not surprisingly, vintage weddings are also becoming a huge trend for brides.  This Georgia Vintage Weddings venue is a wedding wonderland that nearly any bride would love to have her big day unfold at.

If rustic and vintage is the theme you are going for on your wedding day, you need to look no further than this spectacular venue.  With a lot of options from packages to decorations.  This place has something to offer nearly any couple.  With all-inclusive being a part of what they do, this also eases the planning pains for your wedding.  The lake, a barn, open space, and all-inclusive, what more can you ask for!  This place is truly a dream for any vintage wedding.

Lakeside Wedding Venue in Georgia

From lakeside to other hidden gems, brides adore the Georgia Vintage Weddings venue.  Afterall, this venue has 70 acres of opportunity for your big day.  If a couple is wanting to have an outdoor wedding, this is surely the place to do so.

From the lakeside to a lot of space to create the perfect day, any couple would be happy to begin their new life here.  This is definitely the place to create a dreamy vintage wedding.  Afterall, the venue knew vintage weddings before barn weddings were even popular.

Amazingly All-Inclusive Lakeside Georgia Wedding Venue

Who wants the added stress on their wedding day?  No couple ever!  This amazing venue is all-inclusive.  They have packages to suit nearly any couple’s budget and needs.  It also is an added plus that they have a wedding decor supply cabin. 

Many couples love the fact that not only is this a place to hold their wedding ceremony, but they don’t have to look any further than the venue to help them with their decorating needs as well as the planning of the food.  Not only is this a huge time saver, it can help on the pocketbook too.

Food for Thought

Food is something that any reception may require. The fact that Georgia Vintage Weddings also can help with caterers and a menu without you having to even give it a second thought is a huge relief as well.  Many couples may find that having the food and catering as a part of their package is something that helps them relax even more during the time of wedding planning.  Naturally, food is a major factor in the planning process, and knowing that that is taken care of is one way you can breathe a sigh of relief and actually enjoy just being engaged, instead of having the added stress of wedding planning.

As far as food goes, the barn has a kitchen for catering delicious meals with space near the kitchen for outdoor grilling as an option, and it’s perfect for hosting your friends and family.  This venue has seen a lot of different caterers serve vintage weddings over time, and they’ve went to great extremes to hand-select the very best and budget friendly caterers to offer as a part of their wedding venue packages.  That is definitely food for thought for your big day!

Everything for Your Event

From the location to the food this venue can help you plan out a great wedding day and it is budget friendly.  From the vintage wooden church pews that are perched on a low hill overlooking the peaceful lake to open outdoor space to create a custom outdoor wedding ceremony, fit for a scene out of the movies, this place is almost any couple’s dream for hosting their big day. 

Thinking photos?  This place has a dreamy backdrop with beautiful scenery and open areas for amazing pictures that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.  Photos will be sure to be superb at this amazing area.  From photo wall hangings to photo albums, you’ll have the picture perfect location!

Thinking barn versus lake?  The barn here can hold 200 of your favorite family and friends.  This location has everything covered from the location to the photos!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect outdoor barn wedding venue in Georgia, this is the place for you! Once you decide to take a tour, you’ll fall in love with all of the details and specifics that this spectacular wedding venue offers.

Very vintage, very rustic, very amazing.  Schedule your tour.  Book your special day.