Have you seen those sunsets lately?

If you happen to scroll through our Facebook feed, you’ll see a common theme reoccurring this summer: vibrant sunsets over the lake.

That’s right, all you need to do is just scroll through all the gorgeous photos that amazing photographers are always posting to our Facebook page and you’ll see some crazy amazing colors.

Maybe it’s the beautiful summer we’ve been blessed with this year, or maybe it’s just the magic of sun setting over the lake in the wide-open sky, but whatever it is, that sunset wows us every. single. time.

Recently, a photographer, Shala Wills Photography, shared a gorgeous photo with us on our Facebook Page and added the quote below.

“Let me just say……. I asked for a beach type sunset and that is exactly what I got !!!!!! This is the real sky here nothing was added in photoshop. This Sunset was more beautiful than any I saw on the beach this past week.”

Isn’t that cotton candy sunset a wedding dream come true? I mean, are you going to get that from a wedding venue in the city? Or even one of those other barn wedding venues out there? We happen to think that our lakeside location makes all the difference in these incredible sunsets. I mean, a sunset is great, but a lakeside sunset, now, that’s really something.

There’s just something extra dreamy about the soft reflection our lake gives off for sunset wedding photos that just feels magical.

And let’s be honest, photos of your wedding day are great, but can we stop for a minute and talk about the experience of getting married by a lake? There are so many elements of our vintage wedding venue that are amazing, but the lake is a really cool feature (literally). A soft breeze flows over our spring-fed lake because the water is always moving. A lot of brides make a grand entrance around our lake. Many couples spend part of their wedding day evenings savoring the moment in our lakeside adirondack chairs. Wedding guests love roasting s’mores by the fireplace down by the lake. And, oh! Let’s not forget the favorite groomsmen pre-wedding activity: fishing. That’s right.

Plus, where else can you drift out on a dreamy canoe in a lake like a romantic film rivaled only by Nicholas Sparks? Actually, we just had a videographer share one of the most amazing wedding day videos you might have ever seen. Seriously.

Check out this video:

See? We told you this was an amazing venue. We have an amazing lake that is the absolute perfect backdrop for dreamy wedding nights and incredible sunsets. What more could a girl want for the best day of her life? Fishing for her groom? Oh, right. Got it!