Guest Book Alternatives!

Have you been looking for vintage wedding guest book alternatives? This article isn’t to say that a traditional wedding guest book can’t be grand! Some people really utilize those guest books as decorative pieces on a shelf in their home. That being said, this part of the wedding leaves SO much room for creativity. I mean, think about it; there’s a way to write on almost ANYTHING! Since that’s the case, why not brainstorm something really personal that you can display in your home in a unique way? You could even take it one step further and ask your guests to sign a bit more than just their names. Let’s explore some cool ideas that you can use for your Georgia vintage wedding


The possibilities to turn your guest book into a piece of art that is wall-hanging worthy are really endless. Think about what you might want to hang in your home. Can you incorporate guest names into it? For example, have large canvas print made of your favorite shot from your engagement photos, and ask your guests to sign around the edges. What a beautiful way to remember your engagement AND your guests! You can have a cartoon print produced of you and your new spouse and ask the artist to surround it with white space for the names of your loved ones. Get a “family tree” made and ask them to sign the leaves! Or hey! Were you looking for a way to include the dog on your wedding day? What about a big giant print of your fluffy friend for them to sign?! Whatever your decor style is, run with that and tie it into your guest “book” so that you have a stylish momento to use in your home after all is said and done. 

It’s All Fun and Games…

Are you the go-to host for game night? You’ll have a blast reminiscing about your wedding night after all of your guests sign some Jenga pieces! Have them write a tidbit, memory, or funny joke, and use it to entertain long after the wedding day is over. If you are a couple who enjoys doing puzzles together, have one made of a special photo, and ask your guests to sign the pieces! Not only will you love putting together that heartfelt memory, but you’ll also get to read aloud some notes from a loved one along the way. Cornhole anyone? Have a custom set with your last name or initials painted on, but leave room for guests to sign too! 

Solicited Advice

You may be opening a can of worms here, but who knows… it could be fun! Leave out a jar, a wooden box, or some kind of decorative piece you wouldn’t mind having displayed later on and collect your guests’ very best words of wisdom for marriage, life, and love. Reading those notes back will provide for lots of special moments. You could also ask for funny memories your guests have that involve you, date night ideas, kids’ name ideas… be creative! 


Why not furnish your home while also collecting those signatures?! Having a larger piece for your guests to sign is SO fun. It adds flair and decor to your reception and is also a sentimental piece for your home you’ll cherish forever and ever. A wooden bench would look great in your foyer, prepared to later greet guests who enter your home with the guests who helped you create it. A large cutting board displayed on your kitchen wall with their names would look amazing and unique. Do you have a special hobby? A musician? Have them sign a guitar to display over your mantle. Surfer? Have them sign a surfboard and then repurpose it into a bench for your beach home!