Where are all my foodie brides at?! Who doesn’t love some good snacks? If you’re undecided on vintage wedding favors, here’s a hot tip: everyone loves food. It’s the universal thing we can ALL enjoy. Let’s peruse your options because there’s a lot of them! 


First of all, wouldn’t Candyland be an amazing theme for a wedding or bridal shower?! Okay, okay, maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Candy is always a crowd favorite and something that guests can’t deny they’ll chow down on when they leave the party. How about some chocolate options? You can goodie bag some Hershey Kisses and add an adorable note like, “Kisses for our guests.” Find a local candy shop to support and ask them to do a candy bar! You can supply the to-go boxes and let guests take what they’d like! It also makes for great decor. Mints are always a great favor as well, as lots of people keep them in their cars anyway! “Mint to be” on the tag, and they are good to go! 

Baked Goodies 

Keeping with the sweets theme, you can also go the baked goods route! Who wouldn’t love a soft-baked chocolate chip cookie to take back to their hotel room with them? You can also stick to the “bar” idea and offer to-go boxes filled with cakes and cookies! Many bakeries these days offer favor options, and you can special order adorable boxed cupcakes, cookies already wrapped, and other delicious goodies. It’s another opportunity to support a local business! 

Snack Attack 

Now, the term “snack” covers a lot of ground. Technically, they all fall into the snack category. What we’re referring to here is a saltier type of snack. Savory vs. sweet, if you will. Or, you can mix the two! For example, pretzels- but covered in chocolate! Set up a table with baggies full of different yummy things like russet potato chips, trail mix, regular salted pretzels, almonds, etc. and let your guests have their pick! You could even recruit a local business to provide fresh soft pretzels for you and tag them “Thanks for helping us tie the knot!”. It’ll be a hit! 


Don’t forget- edible includes beverages too! Are there any coffee lovers in the house? Offer your guests a small sample of your favorite brew to take home with them. It’ll be a nice reminder of the wonderful time they had at your wedding come the next morning. For all the soda lovers, you can do a mock of the Coca Cola bottles that say “Share a Coke with…” and insert your names as Mr. and Mrs.! If all of your guests are over 21, how about offering them a small bottle of champagne to toast you at a later time? Send your guests off with a fresh hot chocolate bar! Supply all the fixings like marshmallows, flavoring, and a sweet on the side! 

Food Truck Send-Off 

This is one of our most favorite ideas, and is a guaranteed hit with guests! A new trend amongst couples is hiring food trucks to attend your wedding at the very end of the night for a “send-off snack” for your guests. This can absolutely count as your wedding favor, especially if you offer boxes for them to take some along, which is always welcome as a snack back at the hotel. There are so many delicious and unique options as far as food trucks go, so this is definitely a one-of-a-kind idea and you get to choose which yummy foods to bring in. You can even choose multiple and let your guests shop around!