Five Wedding Podcast Suggestions

Podcasts are all the rage these days! They’re available at your fingertips, and allow you to be productive during times when you are doing mundane but necessary tasks. Doing wedding research can be so time consuming, but it makes it a little easier when you can catch an episode while driving to or from work, working out at the gym, or taking your dog for a walk. The only ever-consistent problem you might run into? Information overload! So we are about to dive into some of our top podcast recommendations for the busy bride and groom. 

Bridechilla Podcast

Bridechilla Podcast is hosted by comedian Aleisha McCormack, so it’s a combination of informative and hilarious! Truly, you’ll find it both entertaining and enlightening, which is all we could ever ask for. Killing two birds with one stone! Aleisha features stories from other recently married or engaged couples that will crack you up and also make you realize- we’re all in this together! You are not alone! 

Aleisha breaks down really relevant wedding questions/topics into light-hearted episodes, and by the end of even one episode, you’ll feel like she’s your friend and you might be tempted to ask her to be a bridesmaid (or at least your wedding coordinator). 

Every Day I’m Bustlin’ 

Catchy title? CHECK! But you’ll get so much more out of this podcast than just that. The hosts, Samie and Ryan Roberts, are wedding industry experts who also happen to be husband and wife. It’s nice to get the guy’s perspective for once! They co-found Bustld, a vendor matching wedding service, so I’d say their credentials check out. They’re fun, offer wonderful advice for every budget, and will put your mind at ease during the planning months. Make sure to take notes! 

The Secret Life of Weddings 

Maybe you’re looking for a little bit of stress relief and less planning focused entertainment? This might be right up your alley! You can still steal some tips from other weddings that are featured, but this isn’t the main focus. Hosted by two wedding photographers, they receive real-life stories from brides and feature them in their episodes. Some are funny, some are full of gossip, and others are just downright unbelievable (but entertaining). Remember- these people were in the minority! Use it as your outlet and remember that your mother-in-law wanting to do a family performance of the YMCA isn’t all that bad. 

Get Wed

This is definitely one you want to sit down and have a notepad ready for. Katie and Kerrie (the hosts) are also wedding photographers who realized the need for guidance when it comes to wedding planning when they both got engaged themselves. They’ve photographed and witnessed hundreds of weddings, so their expertise is welcome for the confused but eager bride to be! They feature different types of wedding professionals on their show, and are also light and easy to listen to. Definitely recommend! 

Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast 

We cannot recommend this one enough for the DIY bride! It’s relaxing and conversational, but also honest and straightforward. James and Rachel have long and informative conversations with an array of wedding professionals, but also offer shorter Q and A episodes you can catch on a short car ride. If you are hosting a DIY wedding, look no further for amazing tips and budget saving hacks. 

There you have it! Those are five of our favorites (in no particular order). But don’t be afraid to explore! There are SO many different podcasts out there, and you should find the one that works for or speaks to you. Make sure to send us your suggestions so we can also check them out and pass them along!