One Year Down- The Paper Anniversary

Okay, okay, so maybe this is a bit on the traditional side, but some people still keep these traditions alive! It can be fun to try and get creative with old school ideas. 

But first of all-

Why the Paper Anniversary? 

Well, it could be said that paper can be fragile, much like the first year of marriage. It can set the tone for the rest of your years, so it’s important to make it a priority. While paper can be easily ripped, crumbled, or destroyed, it can also be handled very carefully and carry vital information for years to come. It’s all up to the handler. 

The Obvious Choice. 

A love letter. DUH! 

Maybe a little too obvious for some, but this gift idea is not to be dismissed easily. After an entire year together, it can be really lovely to revisit your big day and everything you adored about it in letter form to your one and only. Heck, this could be a good enough gift for some for EVERY year, as it doesn’t get much more personal than spilling your guts onto a piece of paper. Your wedding day will forever be a tough day to beat, but reminding your spouse of the reasons you married them in the first place, and why you would do it all over again, is a pretty dang good day too. Don’t dismiss an old-fashioned letter!

The Creative Choices. 

Some may insist on something more outside of the box than just a letter (or maybe both!), so there are some really heartfelt options. These are just a few that could get those wheels turning…

Your vows in artwork form! 

A fun part about paper? It can be shaped. Molded into a fine piece of art. Maybe you’re an origami master (or at least have access to YouTube to become one) and can create a trinket or flower out of the words you exchanged a year prior. The online world is FULL of wonderful, creative options like this (check out Etsy and support a small business while you’re at it). Have someone add an artistic flair to the lettering and write your vows out to be framed! Hang them in your house as a reminder to yourselves every single day. Or maybe not your vows but…

Your wedding song! 

Music notes can have a really beautiful artistic feel to them when laid out on paper. So maybe having the musical notes written out and framed is more your style! Or have a paper ornament made with the lyrics on it. Hang it on your Christmas tree! Bonus if you had a winter wedding. ;) 

The Outing. 

So you lack in the creative department… That’s okay! There are ways to get around it JUST being paper you’re giving; it’s all about what’s on the paper!

That can mean SO. MANY. THINGS! 

A gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. Or to get a couple’s massage! 

Tickets to see your favorite band or a play! 

See? You can bend the rules a little bit and still stay on theme. And you get to spend a really lovely evening with the love of your life. Win-win! 

Whichever route you take, the Paper Anniversary is bound to be a good one. I mean, you are one year removed from the best day of your life, you get to reminisce about it vividly, AND there’s cake. 

Cheers to many more, lovebirds. XOX