Themes for Your Bachelorette


While it’s always great to celebrate a close friend who is getting married, arranging a bachelorette party may be a bit stressful. This is especially true if there are clusters of weddings close together.


How do you keep yours from feeling like the others or a party that gets repetitive? Here is how you can make your bachelorette stand out from the rest and feel fun!


Take a look at these themed bachelorette ideas to get some inspiration for your next party! These will work whether you are hosting a joint bachelorette party or going solo with a group of girls.

Wig Parties for the Win

Whether you’re out in Atlanta, Georgia, or all the way in Las Vegas, throwing a wig party can be so much fun. Wear a wig that corresponds to your nighttime attire.


The weekend of your bachelorette, you’re likely to receive all the attention you desire from your bestie. You can choose classy wigs all the way to outrageous over-the-top wigs and custom pieces.

Throw a Dancing Queen Party

Grab your disco balls and bell bottoms for the perfect dancing queen party. Get everyone to dress up with big hair do’s and dance the night away.


Find a local club hosting a themed night or rent out a space and create a playlist that is as big as your style. This is a fun way to work off the nervous energy a Georgia wedding can create.

Throw a PJ Party

Let’s face it, not all Georgian brides love to go wild for a night. Some like to stay in and feel like a well-rested queen before their big day. If that sounds like your bestie, it’s time to think outside the box. Instead of going to local clubs, stay inside and be comfortable. Throw a PJ party with facemasks, massages, and more!

Wine Down Before the Wedding

Georgia has great local vineyards, and it’s perfect for your “wine down time.” Find somewhere to take the girls and sip on the local favorites.


This may even help the bride figure out what she wants to use as a toast for her wedding day later on!

Be a Cowgirl with a Twist

Space cowgirls have been a rising theme for bachelorette parties, and it’s easy to do. Get metallic cowgirl hats, disco balls, and alien blow-ups! This is a fun mix between disco, rodeo, and space. This theme allows you to get creative with decor and combine different vibes that will suit every bride.

Brunch and Bubbles

This is another theme for classic brides who may not want to get wild and ride a bull. Brunch and bubbles can be classy and easy to prepare for a bride who wants to invite several close friends and family.


It can be relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. Try out different champagnes that go with the food being served. It’s a go-to option for many young brides!

Boots and Bling

Are you throwing a backyard party in Georgia? Get out your cowgirl boots and all your best bling. This is something that will take your party to the next level. And you will know that all your gal friends have something to wear!


Your Georgia wedding fun starts at your bachelorette. This is the time to spend quality time with your friends before you get married. Make it fun and memorable with unique themes.