Looking for ideas to through a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? Look no further!


As the younger generation grows older and becomes the appropriate age to get married, we see new trends emerge. This upcoming year we will see more parties combined or joint parties!


That’s right, bachelor and bachelorette parties are now becoming one, and young couples are enjoying time with each other and their friends. But you might be wondering how exactly to throw a joint party with all of your friends. Luckily, we have some ideas for you to share with your loved ones.


This list will help you find ideas that you both like to start planning your night out in Georgia.

Take a Road Trip or Plan a Camping Trip

You no longer need to worry about keeping your parties separate; this is something you should plan together! Invite all of your friends for a weekend-long camping trip or rent a big van for a road trip.


Finding a big enough bus for everyone will make it feel like you’re kids again, but the fun will start when you wind up in your chosen city. This can be fun and exciting to look forward to before you walk down the aisle at your Georgia wedding venue.

Host a BBQ Party

You can either do this at a Georgia venue or in your backyard. Throw a chill and relaxed backyard BBQ where all your friends can come. If you have a big backyard, tell everyone to bring their own tent and maybe a side dish to share! This is a unique way to spend an evening and keeps it budget-friendly. It can be a better alternative for a bachelorette party that doesn’t crave a night out in Georgia.

Host a Backyard Pool Party

Are you throwing a party in the summer? There are no giant inflatable pools that are not all that expensive! Depending on your budget, you can buy two or three to fill up in your backyard. This is perfect for a smaller party with all of your friends! If you plan on doing something family-friendly, this may be a winning idea for your joint party.

Lake Holiday Vacation

It’s time to rent a cabin on a lake or go camping in an RV with a few close friends! This will remind you of those old school vacations you used to take with your parents or those retro vacations you have seen on TV. This is a chance to go kayaking and have a mini vacation during the middle of your wedding planning.

Host a Themed Dinner

There is nothing more fun than a themed dinner. If you love a theme like Pirates of the Caribbean or you’re obsessed with the Disney movie Brave, it’s time to create an experience for all of your friends. This can be something that you and your partner initially bonded over and a way to tell a story about your love. It can be a mystery or just something fun to enjoy with themed food. It is an easy way to do a joint party in Georgia or create a fun night out for everyone to enjoy.