Fall Themed Wedding Ideas

So you’ve opted for a fall wedding? What a beautiful time of the year to turn the pages of a previous past and say hello to a new chapter as the seasons do the same. Although fall is a fantastic time for a wedding, they seem to be in the minority. For that reason, we have compiled some of our favorite fall wedding ideas that you can implement or draw inspiration from to create your perfect themed wedding!

Use Dark Wedding Colors Correctly

Fall is obviously known for it’s gorgeous, deep colors. Incorporating these into your wedding theme can be absolutely splendid but can also be scary. You don’t want to finish decorating and feel like you’re overcome with a dark, gloomy vibe for your wedding! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are a couple of tips for using fall colors correctly:

-For every dark fall color you choose, pick a lighter one too.

-Use white in everything. It doesn’t have to be a ton, but be sure to add a touch of clean brightness in every aspect to keep your wedding looking like a wedding and not a Halloween party. 

Pumpkin Wedding Decor Ideas

Nothing screams fall like pumpkins. Now wait- we aren’t saying you have to use bright orange to decorate, you can paint pumpkins any color you want. We’ve seen pumpkins painted white and carved out to create a fall-themed cardholder. Use metallic spray paint to create gold and silver accents to your decor. You can have your guests sign a white ceramic pumpkin for a fun, fall vibe. Use your painted pumpkins for simple decor or use them as candle holders. Carve some messages or hearts into your pumpkins and fill with candles or fairy lights. 

Rustic Wood Wedding Decor

Dark colors, pumpkins, rustic wood? If you’re following along, we’re sure you have ideas bouncing off the walls! Get creative using rustic wood to pinpoint a warm, fall theme. You can use log slices as coasters, centerpiece bases, candle stands and so much more. Create rustic wood signs with stained wood and white chalk paint. Decorate with branches and bunches of sticks. Use crates and barrels to really show off that fall vibe. Get creative, there are countless ways to use rustic wood in your fall wedding!

Apple Wedding Decor

Fall provides decorating opportunities, unlike any other season. Lucky for your budget, you can decorate with luscious red apples and rustic colored leaves. Carve apples to create the cutest, cost-efficient candle holders! Set on top of wood slices for an apple-orchard table centerpiece. Tie a cute, leaf-shaped place card to apples for a vibey addition to the table setting. Compile assorted apples in barrels for an easy decoration, maybe use it to decorate around an apple cider stand. Decorate your food table with and enjoy caramel apples too!

Fall Wedding Decor: Leaves

Having a fall wedding gives you the freedom to collect leaves for free and use them as “creative decorations.” You can decorate your tables with various colored leaves, you can attach leaves to place cards or menus. Frame signs in yellow, orange, and red leaves. Our personal favorite use of leaves, however, is utilizing them for unforgettable pictures. Toss a pile of leaves in the air to get an array of colors and big smiles.