What You Should Know About Throwing a Welcoming Party


You have a lot to focus on the week of your wedding, and figuring out the do’s and don’ts of a welcoming party might be overwhelming. 


Luckily, we are here to help you figure out everything you need to know about a wedding welcoming party. 


This should be a fun pre-wedding event you can use to meet your guests the day before. Some couples may also choose to do this instead of hosting a rehearsal dinner. 


Other couples choose to do a rehearsal dinner for the family, then a bridal party for the ladies in the family, and then a welcoming party for everyone you want to enjoy the day with. 


This creates a busy schedule for the soon-to-be wife and husband but also a great way for everyone to meet the couple beforehand. However, when you plan in advance this can be a stress-free wedding event. 

How To Throw a Welcome Party?

Before you start throwing a welcoming party, you should consider these few tips.


  • Plan a short activity or something for everyone to do.
  • Be very descriptive on the invite.
  • Invite a limited number of people. 
  • Choose small bites or hor’dourves for the event.


After you do these few things to start out, take a look at these next few steps to plan your welcoming party. We cover everything you need to know about throwing a welcoming party.

  1. Create a Vision

The first thing you need to do is understand what you really want from this welcoming party. Is it going to be casual for everyone, or will it be in place of a rehearsal dinner? Understanding your vision will help you set a date and understand everything you need to do before your big day. 

  1. Plan The Guestlist

A rehearsal dinner is a formal way for the bridal party to walk through the ceremony and for the two families to meet. A welcoming party can be whoever you want and is great for out-of-town guests. 

  1. Look At The Details

You need to consider everything about this party. What kind of food will there be? What activity do you want to do? These small details will also help you understand what the budget will need to be. 

  1. Focus On Invites

If this is a separate event from the rehearsal dinner, you will need to focus on the wording of the invites. This will help your guests understand what they need to bring, what to wear, and what event it will be. 

  1. Consider An Exit Strategy

This will be a fun event for you and close friends to enjoy, but it is crucial to think about when you’re going to leave and how. It will be before your wedding, and you will have tons to do; it’s crucial to get a good night of sleep.


Planning an event start to finish can be a lot of work but it can be worth it. This is something that can fill up a day for extended family. 

Understanding The Difference Between The Welcome Party and Rehearsal Dinner

Although these two wedding events are similar, one thing sets them apart. A rehearsal dinner is something more formal meant for the two families and bridal parties to meet. 


A welcoming party is less formal and can be structured around an activity. It is perfect for anyone from out of town and looking for something to do and a fun way to spend the day preparing for your wedding. It’s less formal and involves more snacks than meals. 

Who Throws The Welcoming Party?

Traditionally the groom’s parents will throw the welcoming party and the rehearsal dinner. However, it is up to the couple how many parties they want and the timelines they coordinate around. 


If there will be a full weekend of parties, sometimes the parents will get together to split up the costs. This makes it more affordable to have a welcoming party and rehearsal dinner. 

Should a Welcome Party Be Themed?

Some couples may choose to have a themed welcome party, something similar to their wedding reception theme. No matter what you choose to do, finding decor is essential for a welcome party. 


Picking between full glam or something casual is entirely up to the couple or the person hosting the event. If you are planning an activity, you may care less about decor but having a small table with snacks, a centerpiece, and a welcome sign can be great for photos. 


It’s time to find the perfect Georgia venue for your pre-wedding parties and your big day.