We’ve seen it all in way of weddings over the last few years. We’ve seen broken high heels, late-starting wedding ceremonies, and missing grooms. So, in hopes of a perfectly smooth wedding day for you (and wedding season for us ;)), we’re dishing out our favorite tips to a smooth wedding day.


Number One Way to Enjoy A Stress Free Wedding

If you’re having an outdoor wedding our #1 tip is to…(drumroll please)…wear flats! Yep, that’s right. Or wedges if you need the height for you dress (or the kiss ;)). Heels, while adorable, will sink into the grass and make it hard to walk around on wedding day. And if you’re planning on wearing a thick, puffy dress, you probably don’t want any more difficulty walking than absolutely necessary on wedding day. Flats or wedges will give you the surface area you need to stay on top of the ground instead of sinking in.


#2. Bring an adorable (or clear) umbrella.

That’s right. We know you’re watching the forecast and even if there’s no forecast for rain, you just never know what you might need an umbrella for. An umbrella can shield your amazing hairdo from the breeze on a summer afternoon, or provide the shade you need to keep your makeup from melting while you’re waiting on your wedding photos to be taken. It could also be a prop for your photos. A gorgeous neutral umbrella on a sunny afternoon adds some open shade (that your photographer will probably loooove) and add some variety to your photos. And of course, the obvious use, it can keep you dry on a rainy wedding day. We know you’re wishing for the best (and we are too!), but it does rain on Saturdays and Sundays in Georgia. We promise. The good news is that some of the most beautiful wedding days here at Spring Lake happened on rainy days.


#3. Bring chalk

It helps soak up all kinds of spills on wedding dresses. The chalk soaks up the bad stuff and masks that white dress in the event you got a little messy with the pre-ceremony drinks or make some awesome moves on the dance floor. Or, there’s always that chance that the flower girl (or maid of honor) touches your dress with dirty fingers right before your photos. You just never know. That’s why you bring a stick of chalk.


#4. Pick the right venue

Your venue plays such a huge role on your wedding day, you want to make sure you go with the right one. You want a venue that is versatile and can give you the style of wedding you’ve always dreamed of. You also want to choose a facility that you know will be available and helpful on your wedding day in the event something comes up (because it always does). If you’re wondering how Spring Lake can fit into all this, just take a look at our reviews. Our couples and families absolutely adore our venue and the Spring Lake team (AKA Renty). Reviews don’t lie. ;) And, in the end, your heart knows just the perfect venue for you, so go with that one.