Why Save The Dates Are Important

There is always a ton of debate when it comes to save the dates. A lot of people want to save money on this wedding task, however here are 6 reasons why you should reconsider!

Save The Dates Are For Your Guests

When it comes to save the dates, a lot of couples put so much thought and creativity into it, because they will save it as a memento. However, save the dates are meant for your guests. Save the dates are important for your guests because it holds important info for your guests. Such as letting them know about your wedding website or a wedding app. Also with physical save the dates, your guests won’t lose them in their inbox.

Engagement Photos

This is the perfect opportunity to share your engagement photos with your friends and family! Of course the next step after celebrating the beautiful ring and popping some champagne, photos! Surprising your family with fun and beautiful photos of you and your fiance will put everyone in the celebrating mood. If you want to save money and don’t go the professional route for your photos, choosing your favorite photo of the two of you is your next best option. You can get dressed up and go out to a beautiful spot, set up a tripod (or simply ask a friend to hold the camera). Snap a few shots and you are good to go!  Make sure to feature that beautiful ring! 

Wedding Theme

When creating your save the dates, this is where you can edit it to introduce your wedding theme. If it is a beach theme, have your photos taken at the beach or add a few seashells and other cute ocean themed designs/colors. When picking a theme, make sure that the theme relates to both the groom and bride. Having a theme that represents both personalities will make the save the date and wedding more personal and enjoyable. Is the ceremony going to be formal? Or more laid back? Take this into account when creating the save the dates. 

Getting To Know You

When your guests receive their save the dates, this is a great opportunity for them to get to know you both as a couple. Show off your happy smiles and give a brief intro to your own unique love story. Talk about how you guys met, how long you have been together, etc. 

When To Send It Out

The earlier you send it out the better. That way your friends and family can put it down on their calendar, ask for the time off from work, move things around in their schedule and also find someone who can babysit. This also helps them book plane tickets in advance, book hotels, rent cars and decide what to give as a wedding gift. This helps your guests make their schedule more flexible and make sure that they don’t already have plans that same day. 


When preparing to send out your save the dates, you need to gather all your guests addresses. Save all the addresses because this will come in handy when sending out invites and thank you cards, so make sure you have it physically written down and saved on a reliable internet document.