DIY Table Decorations

Weddings can get expensive! According to The Knot, the average American wedding costs $30,000! This might seem shocking, but when you start listing all the necessities, it adds up fast! It can be difficult to stay frugal when trying to make the day of your dreams come true, however, one way you can cut down on expenses are by making your own gorgeous vintage wedding decorations. We have compiled some of our favorite DIY decorations that you can proudly display on your big day. 

Painted Vases

Vases are the way to go for your table centerpieces if you want to stay cost-effective and match your wedding style. All you need are any kind of glass vessel, masking tape, and spray paint. You can easily find all sorts of gorgeous glass pieces from your local thrift stores, otherwise, Dollar Tree sells many shapes and sizes. Wrap each vase around the middle with a strand of masking tape. Find colored spray paint to match your theme and paint the bottom half of the glass. We’ve seen this done with metallic silver and gold as well as matte teal or light pink, the choice is yours! Add your favorite fresh cut or picked flowers and use these as your table centerpieces for a fun, unique aesthetic.

Personalized Picture Coasters

These are our personal favorites! Simply grab some ceramic tiles, and print square pictures to glue to the top. This provides an extremely thoughtful, and personalized vibe to your reception. You could print pictures of you and your partner or you could print a picture of each of your guests and you together. Don’t worry about paying for coasters you’ll never use again, send these home with your guests, they will be thrilled!

Succulent Centerpieces

Everyone uses flowers for their wedding centerpieces, but if we’re being honest, flowers can get expensive! Plastic succulents can add some beautiful greenery to your set up and can cut the cost of flowers drastically. You can use almost anything as a base for this centerpiece, a flower box, terrarium, tray, bowl, etc. Arranging various shades of green and purple succulents can lead to a stunning arrangement, however, you could also keep it super cute and simple with a single succulent in a small jar with decorative rocks. It all depends on the look you are going for. Either way, succulents are a great substitution for traditional flowers.

Quote Frames

Do you and your partner have favorite quotes or even inside jokes? Make your wedding reception personal and cost-effective with this super fun centerpiece! Create a custom quote for each table based on who will be sitting there. Inside joke with his side of the family? Hint to it with a framed quote at the center of their table. Have friends encouraged you with remembered words? Display them as the focal point of the table decor. You can style this however you’d like, whether that be with calligraphy or colored paper, make it your own!

Place Cards

Printing place cards can get expensive. You can save by either creating them yourself or paying a younger family member or young local artist to make personalized place settings for your guests. You can design your place cards to fit your unique wedding theme.