DIY Rustic Wedding Décor

If you love to do it yourself and are looking for a way to decorate for your rustic wedding, we have a few ideas that will make you, and your budget, very happy.

Wine Barrels

Not just for the delicious bubbly you will raise glasses to toast your new nuptials, wine barrels make a great foundation for your DIY rustic wedding décor! Fill with a flowering bush or a mess of blooms to make a beautiful rustic flower planter that you can stage at the end of the aisle in an outdoor wedding or by the gift table. Wine barrels make the perfect stand for liquor bottles at your open bar or a place to hang a cute burlap sign directing guests.


Grapevines are perfect for creating a whole host of rustic wedding decorations, and if you are lucky you can maybe even find them wild. If not, they can be purchased pre-shaped at most craft stores. Grapevine lanterns are really easy to make and look beautiful when hung in a barn reception hall or from trees for an outdoor wedding. To make, simply roll grapevines into balls varying in size from large to small.  Wind white Christmas lights through the grapevine balls, add a string to hang it from, and voila! A gorgeous way to set the mood.

Grapevines make great wreaths as well. Add greenery, some rustic burlap or vintage lace ribbon, and your favorite blooms and you have a beautiful way to adorn a door, the end of an aisle pew, and lots more.

One of our favorite ways to use grapevine is to wind it around the trellis or gazebo under which you will say your vows. Add in a few choice blossoms, some greenery, and some ribbon and you have a romantic and picturesque setting for your “I do’s.”


I am sure that you have seen pallet furniture on Pinterest by now, so you know how cool it can be. If you are having a rustic outdoor wedding constructing some pallet furniture might be just the thing to have cool, comfortable, and stylish seating for your guests to enjoy! Arrange a low pallet table and some chairs, topped with soft cushions of course, into an intimate space for guests to enjoy cocktails while waiting for dinner to be served. Pallets can be constructed into tall cocktail tables where a guest can rest their drink while watching friends boogie down on the dance floor! Pallet furniture makes great DIY rustic wedding décor because it is simple to make, inexpensive can be decorated however you want, and lightweight so moving it around is a cinch!

Tin cans

Recycle your tin cans to make awesome DIY rustic wedding décor! Tin cans make great candle holders that are super easy to make. Strip the label off and wash out the can thoroughly. Paint the outside of the tin can white. If you want, punch holes in the side of the tin can in the shape of a heart, a moon, a star, or a letter if you want to line up a series of cans to spell out initials or a love message or something equally romantic. Place a candle in, light, and bam! You have a gorgeous way to light up the night as your guests dance away.

Tin cans can also be used as really cute vases for flowers to top your reception tables or the gift table. Remove the label on the can, clean it out, paint the outside if desired, and trim it with bits of lace and ribbon for a fun and inexpensive vase.

We hope that this post spurs some rustic DIY wedding décor inspiration for you for your big day. Here is an article with some more DIY wedding decorations that helped to inspire us. Happy wedding planning!