Ideas for Introducing the Wedding Party

When it comes to introducing your wedding party, everyone wants a creative way to do it. So here are some unique ideas and different themes of introducing them on your big day.


You can use the Hollywood theme and keep it classic while throwing it back to old school Hollywood.

Walking down the red carpet with cameras flashing while the paparazzi and crazed fans call your name.

This would be a fun theme to do at your wedding and have your photographer(s) act as the paparazzi while your bridal party comes down the red carpet that is decorating the aisle.

Disney Fans

There are so many different disney movies and song to choose from!

We can go with the classics such as Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty,

Or you can have some of the newer disney movies such as Princess and the Frog, Tangled and Mulan.

We can even go a different route that doesn’t involve the princesses, such as The Jungle Book, The Aristocats and Tarzan.

Have each bridesmaid choose their favorite song to walk down the aisle to. You can even help them make up a cute dance to walk down the aisle along with their partnered up groomsmen.

Movie Fanatics

Movie soundtracks are perfect for finding the best song to introduce your bridal party.

There are so many great films out there that have inspired fans for years.

Such as Star Wars, not only can you walk down the aisle to a powerful song, but add a lightsaber to it and it’s perfect!

Harry Potter films are another great option that you can add a prop with: wands and cloaks!

The Lord Of The Rings is another great choice when doing a theme. Especially if you want to incorporate swords and other medieval props into the wedding.

Rock and Roll

The Classics such as Elvis Presley is always a great way to draw a crowd as the wedding party struts down in style.

Then the more recent Rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, and Nirvana are also great choices depending on the tastes each individuals of the wedding party.

Each bridesmaid and partnered Groomsmen can pick a Rock and Roll song to dance to of their choice.

Dance Off

With each member of the party they can choose any song they want and have a dance off with each other.

This is not only fun for the members of the bridal party but also for the guests watching as well.

They can choose anything from rap, to country, to pop, to rock and roll.

Come as You Are

This is also free for all for the entire bridal party. They can choose any song, ranging from the different genres of pop, rap, country, metal, and alternative rock.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen can make up their silly dances with each other and coordinate or even just make a dance up by themselves. Heck they can even just make it up on the spot and just go with what they are feeling with when they hear their chosen song.