There are so many different things that need to be taken into consideration when you’re planning your wedding. For many people, picking out their veil is a monumental moment with lots of significance. 


Veils can be the perfect addition to a wedding day. They typically photograph well and can add an extra touch of style to the ceremony. Intentionally picking a beautiful wedding veil can be a great boost to your confidence and add an extra special element to your wedding outfit. 


Let’s discuss some tips for how to pick your veil and make sure that it fits in perfectly during your big day.

Wedding Veils

Wedding veils can range in size, color, and style. There are so many different options available, so it can be helpful to do some research and learn about the various possibilities. Making sure that you’re aware of all your options is a great way to get peace of mind and be assured that you picked the right veil.

Accessory Stylists

Many people are aware of bridal stylists and the role that they play while picking out your wedding dress, but did you know that accessory stylists also exist?


Working with an accessory stylist is a great way to make sure that you’re on the right track and that all of your accessories will fit together seamlessly. Speaking with a stylist about your creative vision can be an excellent way to get some support and learn from their years of experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with a stylist that can reduce some of the wedding planning stress.

Your Venue

When it comes to picking out a veil, it’s essential to think about your wedding venue. Many people want their veil to match the vibes of their venue, so that everything looks intentional. If you’re going to be having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to keep that in mind when picking out your veil. 


If there’s a chance of wind or rain on your wedding day, then it may be best to choose a smaller veil. Larger veils can become a distraction during inclement weather, so going with a more modest option can be a great way to keep your outfit under control.

Your Wedding Outfit

It goes without saying that your wedding dress (or outfit!) will play a large role in the veil that you pick. Some people prefer to choose a more simple gown and then have a flashy veil. Others want their wedding dress to be the center of attention and simply want their veil to compliment it.


Regardless of the role that you want your veil to play in your wedding ensemble, there are so many great options available. Taking a look through all your different choices can be a fun process, but it can also be overwhelming. Taking your time to research and making sure that you have a reasonable wedding timeline are great ways to reduce your stress and have fun throughout the wedding planning process.