Best Time of the Year for Weddings


One of the very first steps of hosting a successful wedding is to figure out your wedding month. Some young couples have dreams of getting married in the fall while others wish to have a winter wonderland wedding.


If you’re unsure about how to choose the best month for your wedding there are a few things to consider. Once you choose the season you can pick a month and day to let your guests know when to expect the big event.


Luckily, if you are worried about weather, Georgia is known for having mild winters and warm summers making planning easier for our brides!

Overall Best Months to Get Married

When you start planning your wedding you will notice that one of the biggest seasons for the wedding industry is June. That is because there is extremely mild weather in June and it is easy to work around. On top of June, you will find September and October to be the runner-up months for the wedding season.


This means if you think you want a fall or summer wedding you will need to book way in advance for most venues. After you choose your wedding month you will have to call the venue to see what they have available.

Best Spring Months To Get Married

Some couples love throwing spring weddings because it is a time of regrowth and new beginnings. What better way to start a marriage? If you’re looking for the best spring months try out the end of March, April, or May.


Keep in mind that depending on where you live will dictate whether or not you choose to do an outside wedding. Spring is known for rain but it is also known for growing some beautiful flowers.


Spring may also have fewer calendar conflicts and more people who can attend your wedding. Since there are only a few big holidays around this time you can easily get both families and friends together to celebrate.

Best Summer Months

June is traditionally the most popular month but August is also a great choice for weddings. You can end the summer with a bang by hosting an amazing outdoor wedding during this time.


Get your college friends before they go back to school and your family before life gets busy. August weddings can be beautiful and if you wait until near the end of the month the summer may cool down to comfortable levels.


One of the best things about choosing a summer wedding is that you will get tons of floral options and an outdoor wedding will have very romantic scenery as well.

Best Fall Months

September and October bring cooler weather than the summer but not cold enough to drive everyone indoors. You can still easily do an outside rustic wedding if that’s what you want. The end of October may bring colder weather than you’d like and you’ll have to focus on keeping guests more comfortable.


These months are perfect options for couples who want a laid-back bonfire with smores and hot cocoa or those who are worried about summer bugs. As the air cools down the bugs will recede.


Fall offers a way to have a stress-free wedding day.

Best Winter Wedding Months

If you are looking for a good winter month you should choose something before or after the holidays. Choosing January is a good way to start the new year but a February wedding gives people something to look forward to after all of the events over the months before.


The landscape of winter weddings could not be more perfect. Depending on where you live you can do something with snow like sleigh rides and mantle fireplaces. You may also get a better rate when you choose an off-season month.


This can be a small and intimate wedding with your closest friends and family enjoying the winter months together in celebration.