Different Types of Chairs to Rent For  Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing chairs for the wedding, there are actually so many choices! The variety of chairs has come a long way from lawn chairs.

Thankfully, we have amazing dark wood folding chairs that our couples typically love, however if you want add an extra special touch to your Georgia vintage wedding, here are some excellent choices!


Cane Back Chair– This is a simplistic chair, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful! A cane back chair is a wooden chair that has a cane backing. Cane is actually from a rattan plant and is then woven together. It is perfect  if you are looking for a simple piece to bring your reception together or a rustic piece!

Chiavari Chair–  It is a light weight chair, it is known for having notches carved into the wood to have a similar resemblance of bamboo. This is a very popular chair for weddings and other events! It is typically painted white or gold. However, leaving it as is can create for the perfect rustic piece that you are looking for! 


Infinity chair– An infinity chair is commonly made with wood, but there are some designs that are clear and made from a harden plastic. They are not only sturdy but also comfortable. They are known for their backs being crafted with an infinity circle. Not only does it bring an elegant appearance but it is also a great way to symbolize a marriage!

King Louis XVI Chair– This chair scrams elegance! Its wooden frame is carved with beautiful features and is comfortable. It is usually upholstered with leather or a heavy cloth. The backing is also sturdy and comfortable. The back is also upholstered to match the bottom. The chairs range in different colors and is more suitable for indoor weddings.


Cross-back Chair – These chairs are currently trending and are popular with weddings and events. They are typically made out of wood and the weights vary with each material. This simple design is classy and easy to add to any wedding. Some people choose to have seat cushions to match with their theme or no seat cushion at all.

English Garden Chair– There are a few versions of the english garden chair, however the wooden one is more popular. The other ones are made of metal and aren’t as comfortable to sit on during long ceremonies. The wooden English Garden chair is classy and comfortable to sit on. They are perfect for outside weddings.


Chameleon Chair – These chairs rose in popularity in the 2000’s for their ability to “blend in”. They are most commonly used with fabric draped over them, there are hundreds of varieties of patterns to choose from. This is what made them so popular with the wedding and event scene because they can match any color palette for every event and wedding. They are also incredibly affordable!

Folding Lawn Chair– Folding lawn chairs are very popular due to their affordable prices! Some people may not immediately be drawn to them due to their name, however they are simple  casual making them great for outside weddings and events. Their are three choices when choosing a lawn chair, there are simple plastic ones, metal ones and wooden ones. Plastic ones are perfect for beach weddings. The wooden and metal ones are perfect if you are going for a more rustic look!


Ghost Chair – This chair is usually made with clear hardened plastic. The see-through character of this chair makes it unique. It is great to have at any wedding since it is crystal clear and won’t clash with the color scheme of the wedding.

Bentwood Cafe Chair – These chairs are usually made with either wood or metal. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The unique quality of these chairs is that they can be used for any event and not clash with the color scheme or theme. They also