Some people absolutely LOVE shopping. Some love shopping for themselves, and some for other people. Others would rather avoid stores altogether. For a wedding, though, creating a registry with gifts you would like to receive as a couple is more like a rite of passage.

When debating what items to place on your wedding registry, consider this suggested list of best wedding registry items for 2019.

Kitchen/Home Appliances

Even if you’re combining dishes and silverware that you may already have, something like a crock pot, air fryer, or instant pot would be a great registry item. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a wok, cast iron pan, casserole dish, or a French press. This would be the perfect time to slip that in. On the other hand, perhaps you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. Go ahead, add it on the list.


An up-and-coming trend on the registry front is greenery. What a great way to bring some new life into your home together. Adding a fancy, fun planter makes taking care of the new plant even better. Take a look around at the vast options, then click that button to put it on your registry.


If you think you have everything you could ever want or need for the foreseeable future, consider signing up for a charity to have others donate to in your name. You’ll start off your life together with good karma. Perhaps you could even set a goal to reach or a number to match and see what happens. Select a charity near and dear, share why you picked that program and what the importance of it is to you both, and share away.


Each day it seems a new tech item comes out. Upgrade here, new device there. Take this opportunity to put some of those wants on your wedding registry. Everyone loves looking at the specifics and abilities, so smart T.V. or Google Home or anything in between should be included.


All of those home improvement projects will start happening now. Best to look at those toolboxes and see what you may need for fixing everything. Hammers, nails, screwdrivers, drills, anything for yard work if you have a decent sized yard. Maybe even think about off-the-wall projects. Maybe you have a certain set of cupboard knobs in mind for updating your kitchen. No piece too small, no item too crazy.


Some people opt out of a honeymoon or take one much later. Others have destination weddings. If either of those are your route, then consider adding some adventures. Kayaking, horse-back-riding, snorkeling, or other attractions nearby that keep the cost down but appeal to you and your future spouse.

Your wedding registry usually acts as a catalyst for those who want to provide you with a gift that they know you will like, use, and appreciate. Perhaps they will see an idea and get something similar. So, don’t hesitate to add anything that you want as a couple for your home, lifestyle, or taste. The goal is not to receive everything on your registry, but to supply an ample selection for those invited to honor your union.

As always, happy planning and enjoy the process!