10 Best Wedding Favors

Wedding favors. Undoubtedly you have been to a wedding where you got one and thought, “Oh that’s cute,” but then found yourself discreetly disposing of soon after, maybe even before you left the wedding. Because, let’s face it, sometimes they can be sweet and pretty, but not something that you will really use or look at ever again.

Well, if you want to find a wedding favor that your guests will get excited about taking home and actually keeping then you have come to the right place. Here are the 10 best wedding favors that your guests are guaranteed to actually want to take home and enjoy.

  1. Cookie Cake Jars: It’s a cookie. It’s a cake. It comes in an adorable little jar that you can get customized. Do we really need to say more? If you are a baker you might also consider making your own!
  2. Beautiful Scented Soap: You can design your own soap and design your own label to put on it. Genius, and your guests will love to take it home and display in their guest bathrooms.
  3. Personalized Candles: Nothing says romance like a candle, so a personalized candle that smells great and looks great will make a sweet wedding favor for your guests to enjoy.
  4. Homemade Jam/Salsa/Preserves: Nothing could be sweeter and more Southern than giving your guests something delicious that you made with your own two hands. Double points if you give it to them in a mason jar.
  5. Beer or Wine gift: There are a ton of fun customizable beer and wine related gifts, from personalized beer labels if you want to brew your own and put a label on it with the date of your wedding and your names, to engraved coasters, to customized wine keys. If something wine or beer related is your thing then you will love exploring these.
  6. Bath Salts: Give your guests the gift of relaxation with customizable bath salts.
  7. Mason Jar Shaped Bottle Opener: The perfect rustic wedding favor, these are super cute silver mason jars that read “Everything is Better in a Mason Jar” (so true, right?) with a bottle opened on them. They are the perfect size to slip on a keyring or toss into your kitchen drawer, and you can personalize a gift tag to go on it. I guarantee your guests will love it.
  8. Drink Mix: Whether it is an alcoholic mix, a perfectly sized packet of your favorite coffee, or a foil or cocoa or lemonade, guests will really enjoy a gift that they can sit back and raise a glass with.
  9. Bags of Seeds: Invite your friends and family to plant something beautiful and new and watch it grow just as you are rooting and planting your new marriage by giving them a personalized seed packet. Bonus points if you have seeds from your own garden to give.
  10. Snacks to Go: A post reception snack box (personalized, of course) makes for the very best wedding favor. This can be something like a coke, a burger, and fries, or some caramel popcorn, a box of sour patch kids, and a Dr. Pepper, or some crackers, brie, olives, and a pear. You can customize it to make it totally you, and something that your guests will totally enjoy.

Wedding favors have come a long way in the last few years, and there are tons of things that you can personalize now. Enjoy finding the best wedding favor for your guests that they will be talking about for years to come and enjoy making it totally you!