Best Ways to say “Thank You” to Wedding Vendors

When it comes to your big day, your vendors go above and beyond to help make your day special and go perfectly. Here are some great ways for you to show your gratitude and thanks:

“Thank You Card”

Thank you cards are a classic way to show your gratitude! There are so many different ways and designs you can do. A lot of couples like to give their vendors  chic thank you cards along with a photo of the happy couple. There is also a cute option of using a postcard as a thank you card. The front of the postcard has the image of you and your partner with a hand written note on the back.

Leave a Tip

When you have made the final payment to your caterer or baker or any other vendor who went above and beyond for you, leaving a tip is a great way to show your appreciation. They did a lot of great work and if you have the money in your budget, leaving them a tip is perfect.

Write A review

If you don’t have any room in your budget to leave a tip and send out an extra “Thank You” card, you can always leave a review. Leaving a review on their website, google reviews or yelp is a great way to show your gratitude. This is the perfect way to let others know how amazing they are and gives them free advertisement. A lot of other couples and business look for caterers for various events and holidays, so a glowing review will surely help them get more customers.

Purchase a Gift Card or Gift Certificate

By purchasing a gift card or gift certificate you can continue to interact with your favorite vendors long after your big day. When you buy a gift card you can use it in the future or use it as a gift to friends or family. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to re-book them in the future, whether it is for a family event or refer them to your work when they are looking for vendors for specific events such as a company picnic or holiday parties.

Offer to Be a Reference

You can also become a reference for your favorite vendors. Caterers, bakers and venues receive clients through word of mouth. People trust other people’s experiences, so by offering to be a reference you are giving your vendors more clients in the future. By sharing with friends, family members and co-workers your great experience will be kept in mind and booked later on.

Send Them A Gift 

If you have room in the budget or left over party favors that are worth gifting, these are perfect for giving as a “Thank You” gift to you vendor. You can also send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a glass vase. Or a simple gift basket with yummy treats. Or you can send them your favorite wine that has a personalized note that consists of you, your partner’s name and the date of your wedding.