The responsibilities of the Maid of Honor are often discussed, but guys- You’re not off the hook! There’s a lot involved with being given the honor of the Best Man, too! And it’s more than just the groom counting on you to fulfill these duties. The bride is also looking at you to keep the men at this wedding on lockdown. So let’s review what you can expect. 

Best Man Duties Before The Wedding

There are a few things before the big day that the groom could really use your help with. For starters, helping him brainstorm suit or tux options. Of course, this is ultimately for him and his bride-to-be to decide, but a groom needs his pals to give him input, or maybe just some ideas since it can be such an overwhelming time. Remind him why he picked you in the first place, and don’t be afraid to remind him of how stylish he is! It may seem unusual to talk outfits with your boys, but of course, you want your bestie looking fresh on his wedding day. 

Once formalwear is decided upon, take one more thing off of the groom’s plate and arrange for the rest of the bridal party to rent their suits or tuxes. Make sure it’s all taken care of so that he doesn’t have to! Trust me, he’ll thank you. 

Besides getting the men organized with their outfits, you’ll want to be their main point person. Anything the groom relays to you, you relay to them. Make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be (ahem, at the wedding venue) when they’re supposed to be there. 

Oh, and of course we haven’t forgotten about the bachelor party! This is the best man’s bread and butter! You know the groom best, so cater to this to what he would want, not what the rest of the guys might want. It’s all about him at the end of the day!

Bonus points: offer to help with the shower. They could use some muscle to haul those gifts! 

Best Man Duties During the Wedding 

On the big day, be sure to wear your game face. Just as you kept those groomsmen in check pre-wedding day, keep it up on the day of. They should all be showered, dressed, and looking their best at whatever time they’re needed for photos, so keep ‘em in line! Give them another rundown of what you went over at the rehearsal, and just make sure the groom doesn’t have a care in the world about what they’re up to. 

Some grooms may want you to carry the rings for them as well. Of course, there may be a cute little ring bearer, but would you trust a 5-year-old with your wedding ring? Didn’t think so. After they carry it down on the pillow, the rest may be up to you. Be sure to ask the groom if he wants you to handle this for him. 

Tipping the vendors sometimes falls onto the parents of the wedding couple, but other times it can be helpful to have the best man take care of this. Again, check in with your groom, and your offer may be taken up on. 

Nail. That. Speech. The day of you’ll most likely have to give a speech. Keep it an appropriate length, funny (but don’t overshare), and heartfelt. Everyone loves to be teary-eyed from a little bromance reminiscing. Bring your A-game! 

Best Man Duties After the Wedding

By the end of the night, everyone is SPENT! They’ll need your help wrangling guests to get back on the transport vehicles to return to the hotels. Again, keep your men in check and make sure that includes all groomsmen! 

Before the end of the night, ask the groom if he needs you to keep track of the gifts or making sure they end up on the transport back. He’s going to have a lot to think about, and quite honestly, everyone may have a few beers in them, so the more eyes on this, the better. 

After all is said and done, make sure the suit rentals are returned on time! Text your squad and be sure they’re all aware of the time frame they have. 

Oh, and make sure to send a nice text to send the happy couple off on their honeymoon!